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Terms of Service/Use

This is the terms of use from the browser point of view.
This website is 100% copywrited in its form.
Further, all content is copywrited either by Shooter Solutions and or the original author.
The end-use license is different than the Terms of Use license because the solutions are licensed.

Permissable use:

  • All images and content may be shared with friends and clubs via private transmission.
  • If you supply free pictures you may hot-link them (the thumbnails preferably) to forums since this is win-win, provided you include a hot link to the page it is on. You retain the copywrite to the image, but it becomes mutually helpful. For images you didn't provide, you can still hot-link for educational purposes at forums with a hotlink specifically mentioning the page and website.
    This website is a partership: It is there, and you read it.
    This website is largely a community effort and also displays products and testimonials.
    Testimonials no matter how many there are are proof of what you will get, as results vary due to conditions, variables, and direction following. This is also true for comments and opinions.
  • Comments, opinions are for entertainment purposes only and it is important to state comments and opinions are not fact, and results vary.

The ownership of Shooter Solutions will have different viewpoints with regard to political viewpoints, but regardless of those views the website is pro gun which makes it conservative from an US-American point of view, but tolerant of people of opposing views and opposing religious beliefs, without regard of whom.

Required (Legal)

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