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Ordering related FAQ


Update: All PayPal orders to addresses not confirmed to Yahoo! Storefront through PayPal as, per PayPal unconfirmed addresses, as is supposed to be the practice if all fails are cancelled. While there is no quicker way to pay than PayPal, there are some rules and conditions. For no hassle, PayPal needs to, which the mostly do, confirm the shipping address. For convenience there is a box whereby PayPal will fill in a confirmed shipping address. However, frequently PayPal will not electronically confirm your shipping address, and if so, the policy is only to cancel the PayPal authorization as a last resort due to the possibility of a hacked account.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and for more information on PayPal orders, and why orders cannot go to unconfirmed addresses without further e-mail verification policy, keeping in mind it is normal for all ebay merchants to cancell all unconfirmed address orders, please click on PayPal

All Credit Card Orders

Currently all phone orders will be processed through, and all non-PayPal orders online will process through too. The switch from for credit card orders was for the purpose of maximum security of the card only existing on and not anwyhere else, including not on your computer.

While the ordering page does not say so, the purpose of the billing address is not to send you a bill, but the verification address for the credit card chosen, including the shipping line on the correct line, as well as the correct verification zipcode as well.
$35.00 charge for chargebacks forwarded to customer that are contrary to the following:

If Address and Zip together come up incorrect, the order won't go through. If the address is incorrect,even if the ACV code is correct, the order will be under review, as it is possible for the credit/debit card to be stolen, and being used either fraudulently or even without consent of the credit card holder. In addition, if the Address is bad due to a typo, then the order would go to an incorrect address.

For rural banks and credit unions that will not verify address, then a manual charge by phone will be requested for larger orders so at least 2 of 3 items match: security code and zip code.

We apologize, but we did not write the code on the ordering page.

Direct Payment

For direct payment, this option is included in addition to credit cards in the pull-down menu. The safest method of cash payment is by Postal Money Order to the contact information, made out to Shooter Solutions, and include a printout of the completed order page.

The order will be put on hold pending payment.

COD's are not allowed.
Payment by phone

This option is available in the credit card menu and of course when your computer will not process an order for you.
Credit card information is kept secure and never stored even momentarily on any local computer, not stored anywhere else.

For PayPal by phone or e-mail, then you can be sent an e-invoice for this method. More time consuming for everyone, but OK.

Gun Bluing

Recommendation: all rugged for carbon steel gun bluing kits and rugged for carbon steel product up to 6 quarts of it go Priority Mail for quickest delivery and lowest cost for any long distance. Now especially in cold weather if you don't want it to leak. An order that you can get much more for the same price of UPS ground by switching method of shipping will be put "pending review" unless you stat in the order notes that UPS ground is necessary for commercial use, for example.

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