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My faith as "From years ago", I figured it was necessary to update it, because faith is shaken over time without outside influence, I think. I still believe in origins there is a creator whom personally loves his creation and based on historical performance is deserving of our adoration, respect, and love than anything else. We need to be bold and be "polically incorrect" when we believe it is wrong, I believe, especially when elite considers any "non pc" speech by everyone else not immersed "in" (terms used once were the "little people" "the great unwashed") naughty due to contradiction.

I believe telling the truth is a good thing, as controversial as that is -- even if it means what I believe.

From years ago

Now this is controversial, but doing the right thing is the fundamental driving force of what I say and more importantly do, because unlike the liberals, I do believe there is actually a real God, and not just a God of rhetoric.

I believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, where God actuall created everything He says He created, and that man is more than a bacteria. This also means I believe in a young Universe as the Beble says, since there is no reason to "hope" evolution occured somewhere, even though there is no rational explanation for the jump from the inorganic (like metal) to the organic (since it takes organic to "evolve" organic.)

Since I do not need to grasp how impossible evolution can be in a short time, based on the decay of things, it is easy to "see" that we have a young - as in 10 thousand years rather than untold billions of years.

If you've seen this page before it was removed, you'll know that I believe my late son, who is not, is in Heaven from 8 years ago, and contrary to atheist's belief, it is not His fault my son passed on.

I believe God want's us to praise Him for the praise He deserves, for the Goodness that He is, for the love that He is, and for the perfection that His only begotten Son showed on Earth, paid the punishment for us, and raised again on the third day to have the greatest position of honor in this temporary Universe at God's right hand.

And great news that Jesus loves me, and He loves you too, with an everlasting love, and based on what He did, deserves praise and awe forever. Same with God the great fatehr too. And equally God the Holy Spirit on Earth now, too.

I think there is more true evidence of faith than evidence of the faith there is no God. I believe that truth is like a true diamond. No matter how you examine it, it is STILL a diomond on all tests. I believe there is truth, as opposed to the absence thereof.

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