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High Temperature Long-life Barrel Plugs

It is important to keep the insides of your barrels unharmed after processing in anything corrosive (Like if it is likely to ever be shot, since damage will increase fouling) should be plugged. Below are reusable plugs that will stand up to heat, acid, and caustic solutions for every size of handgun, rifle, shotgun, and musket barrel to cover everything?

There is even a "sub-caliber" (too small for any firearm .17 caliber and up) plug if there are any small openings you want to keep the hot Parkerizing solutions from leaking into the barrel.

  • Keep in mind that if you are going to plug both ends of a barrel, the chamber plug must be at least one size larger, possibly two. For example M1 Garand: mid caliber for 30-06, super-bore size for plug not to fall into the chamber. A postive seal is important.
  • To block well, it is somewhat better to get one mid and large than the longer one because for the same price they are seperate and plug with more compression against pressure. The individual plugs are more special purpose, seal better, because they can have a more gradual taper to get out of the mold.

Shown below are the smallest first to the largest last, with the not-so-good multi-purpose (long) in between.

Keep in mind the order button is below the description, not above it, and the chamber plug must be either one size bigger, or two sizes bigger for the .300 necked-down to mid-caliber cartridge. Thanks.


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