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Shooter Solutions' Gun Bluing Testimonials

Gun Bluing' Testimonials and images

More pictures will be added soon, as well as audio and at least my video on how to use it, different techniques to prepare for it, depending on results needed, type of application, and finishing. For a start I did a Video of doing and prepping a Putter.

Cold Gun Blue is not just on traditional guns you do not want to paint, this is a coating that like hot gun blue, Acrylic, clear enamel, and lacquer, as well as oil and grease will imbed into. For Pictures of Gun Bluing from my customers, scroll to the bottom. All the recent sstunning results involve the 2.5X Concentrate for quick and easy results, including for commercial use - the latest creating brown on black after clear coat.

Amy Devers Testimonial, DIY Network, Freeform Furniture On this segment, Shooter Solutions credit at the end (running text only.)
Was seen on the TV station mentioned above via satellite and cable into 35 million homes, more details on the bar stool segment for Freeformfurniture for DIY Shooter Solutions is mentioned as the place to go for more information. For the preparation for the welding, also purchased for use was the Shooter Solutions' 4C bare metal prep - welding prep by the quart because with better welding and absolutely no chance of spatter, there is no dents to remove and no welded spatter to remove. For still pictures sent in advance by Freeform Furniture, click here, DIYNetwork or scroll down to DIY Network.
In other news, some more of the most recent commercial feedback was the project with the Rugged Gun Blue for black and warm blue (deliberate brown) on the Restaurant Furniture, you'll see a picture of it from a distance on pallets on the slide show movie at gunblue.html, machine shops and customers thereof wanting quick results without having to use heat - completely cold - yet just as rugged as hot dipped - and also no additional buildup beyond hot bluing, including other no pictures yet, (maybe never) Welded sculpture art supposed to have been in by now is not on this page yet - like the Wall art from Kansas (no good pictures to put up) and no pictures in yet from California use to create a great two-tone effect of exposed steel beam design and associated steel hardware on wood. (Now replaced by the best: Shooter Solutions Modern Advanced Rugged Gun Blue.)

image before gun blue jesse star 9mm after gun blue jesse star 9mm with rugged gun blue kit image after gun blue jesse star 9mm showing bottle of the gun blue

Above are pictures of a recent testimonial, the text thereof I'll be adding later is whereas the customer, Jesse, wanted like brand new results like I showed with the Scotty Cameron Putter not failed like, before (Left) was what it looks like after Blue Wonder™ Gun Blue (2 Kits, since maybe one was old - after all it sounds like a paint based on its description), and Middle and Right is after a Shooter Solutions Rugged Gun Blue™ Kit (1 Kit, but two were bought for comparative reasons by Jesse). From a comparative point of view which one was Jesse Successful with. Note: User results will vary. Also there is a comparative price difference in ounce of gun blue vs ounce of paint(?) In any case it did not bond. Note2: Two Shooter Solutions 4 oz kits with an extra bottle each of gun blue was $19.98 each, VS the comparative Blue Wonder Gun Bluing Kits, so for the price there is a lot more bluing, but no developer. If you want to use one, I give directions on how not to use the finishing oil afterwards. In addition, Jesse points out both the price and the performance difference is equally stunning compared others kits as well like Birchwood Casey™ and Hoppes™, when you get 8 ounces of Gun Blue and 4oz each of strong degreaser and strong finishing oil in a professional $19.98 kit. To be absolutely fair, Jesse did not criticize Blue Wonder™ (Blue Wonder does not endorse Shooter Solutions™), only it did not bond well in more than one attempt with 2 kits. "Wiped right back off" are the EXACT words to be fair. In any case, decide for yourself. Bigger images will be installed later, since they are a bit thumbnail size, but they are as received.

Its results will vary based on steel, and require different preparations chemically depending on type of steel. Note: Comparative analysis is legal. It is what has always been done in the Commercial World. Shooter Solutions Rugged Gun Blue is a commercial product: It is designed for one specific purpose: is the metal rather than what I describe as a conversly, disappearing ink. When a great gun bluing job wipes right back off before using it (!!!) or giving it to a customer, what I mean is not literal, but the feeling of if a friend gave you a quitclaim deed to his house on April 1, signed it right in front of you with ink, only to see the ink disappear in front of your eyes. A joke if it wipes right back off, or worse yet never does anything in the first place.

Shooter Solutions Rugged Gun Blue is the best bluing you will find because it is the most rugged gun bluing that exists. You have to let it convert the metal, but once you do, the results are reported to be spectacular: better than anyone else with this respect.

I will be doing instructional videos with it as I show how to properly prepare steel from complete restorations to touchup only of existing bluing. The biggest written testimonial that has not quite made it to book form yet is from C Rodney Jones, writer of the well known Reloaders Bible, wherein he compares its ruggedness to the most rugged blue he previously has known, no knock to it, "Van's Instant Gun Blue". He did blued 1 half of one piece of metal with it and one with Shooter Solutions' oiled then watered so the coatings were exposed - not oiled, and the Van's came right off, and it required sandpaper to remove the rugged gun blue, it was so much stronger. Recently C Rodney James had an old soft steel barrel - like the Scotty Cameron Putter I dropped into the bluing in the video you can see elsewhere, and he figured Van's old formula might be the ticket for it but no! No effect whatsoever! But the Rugged Gun Blue took immediately to it for whatever reason - user results will vary, and it matched 100% perfect to the rust bluing. The rust blued needed help, so it made a good test. No preparation for the Rugged Gun Blue, just the degreasing.

So the purpose of . Shooter Solutions' is to provide you with the best. Ruggedness and simplicity equals good. However, the tendency of everyone is to do it wrong, as wiping it with a soft cloth: noone, not a single person has ever been able to get it to work without non-manufacters directions. When a testimonial gives a comparative analysis it is testimonial, and user results will vary.

Darkness of Bluing
I would send pictures, but but I keep selling these guns for twice what I pay for them, before I even get to shoot them.
I have blued many guns over the years, but I have never found a blue that gave that rich blue-black color as well as this does...

      I recently purchased gun blue from your site and thought you might like to know how it went... As good advertised.

      I was re-doing a Remington Model 11, made in 1910 late year. It was the basic grade, nothing fancy. It had lost most of it's original bluing and there was some surface rust. I started by sanding the metal with 220 grit wet/dry paper and kept working it out up to 600 grit paper (wet/dry but I never used it "wet", just dry sanding).. This removed all the old blue and rust. I then cleaned the metal with Denatured Alcohol and pre-heated the parts in my oven at 125 degrees, for 1 hour...

      The blue finish looked as deep as Hot Bluing! I gave it all a coat of Remington oil and took it down to the local gunsmith... His words were "I've never seen a better cold blue job in all my years"... I took that as a great compliment...

      I have blued many guns over the years, but I have never found a blue that gave that rich blue-black color as well as this does... I just "touched up" a Remington model 58 barrel, not stripping it, but simply cleaning with Alcohol first. These barrels have a hard to match, almost Black, shiny finish and when it wears off, it really stands out at you... I used my Van's-Casey's mixture and kept rubbing the entire barrel surface for 15 minutes! It is truly amazing and it's very hard to tell that the barrel has ever been re-blued. The cold blue blended in and the whole thing looks Fantastic!

      I would send pictures, but I keep selling these guns for twice what I pay for them, before I even get to shoot them.

Justin V.

Harrington and Richardson Sportsman Model 999 9 shot .22
My bluing kit arrived in exactly 7 days in spite of the problems you had up there with flooding. Thanks. I just finished the job and it came out beautiful.

It was a Harrington and Richardson Sportsman Model 999, 9 shot 22 revolver purchased back in the early 1950's. About 20 years ago it was stolen and while in their possession they ground off the entire butt with the serial number. The Pa. State Police raised the numbers chemically and when I got it back after the culprits were brought to trial I had the number restamped and the butt cold blued at the same time. A lousy job. It was rusted looking in no time. Now it looks like brand new. Thanks for a great product.


From: Dean
Sorry it took so long but here are a few pictures of what we have doon Gun Bluing - Black Oxide. We are in the process of assisting in the restoration of the "National First Ladies Library" here in Canton, Ohio. Most of the old fixtures for the doors and windows are worn and/or rusty. We have been very happy with results of this Black Oxide. We believe the finish very closing resembles the original finish on the hardware. It producing a professional looking finish without investing in all the equipment and expense of a hot bluing system.


From: T N
To: John
Subject: 1903 COLT Pics -------- I Hope!!!

Importance: High

John this is a model 1903 Colt Pocket pistol. It was manufactured around 1920. This gun was extremely abused in it's lifetime We dissambled it completely deblue and then shot blasted it. The final step was to bath it in Van's blue. Hope these pictures are ok for you. It now has a second life. 1st pic is dissambled before anything done 2nd pic shotblasted and bathed in vans 3rd finished product Thanks for all your help Tom Will have to send pics on another email
Pictured below will be many final of the pictures mentioned above.

Gun Blue Video Testimonials will be mentioned here too.

Don't forget to check out the Gun Blue Instructions too, which you will find from the main Gun Blue page on the left hand column. Or click here Gun Blue



Colt 1903

Colt 1903

Unpaid Testimonial Steven's and Mossberg

Unpaid Testimonial Steven's and Mossberg





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Star 9mm Handgun After Gun Blue

Star 9mm Handgun After Gun Blue

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