Unpaid Testimonial Steven's and Mossberg

Unpaid Testimonial Steven's and Mossberg

Unpaid Testimonial

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Unpaid testimonial: to fellow fire arm enthusiasts and repair persons. if you have rebluing to do (try this commercial cold blue before paying big money for a commercial reblue (which drastically reduces sharpness of printing and any insignias on barrel receiver etc. This gun blue is a factory like bluing. I have used 2 4 ounce bottles and just ordered a quart. (It's good stuff) and it works so much better than what is offered in the average gun store. I found that it will give a factory like finish when applied to a (virgin steel surface) void of any bluing (it can be used for touch up but for an over all finish I have found starting as the factory did originally works best . once the gun is back to the virgin steel finish it is cleaned with lacquer thinner then placed in the sun to warm the steel (or use a hair dryer)get barrel uniformly (warm!) not hot. use a glass bottle as the bluing will react to a metal can. I start with a synthetic wool pad and dip it into the gun blue in the bottle and work it over the entire surface that is to be reblued. for a (very very fine finish) I follow the Shooter Solutions' application with Casey's blueing same with the synthetic wool pad. and finally with a third application of the blue . followed with I wipe down and a generous spraying of WD40. after these steps (try to remove the finish) with a fresh 0000 steel wool pad (you won't) it is on and the lettering on the barrel is sharp and intact. and looks just like the day the gun came out of the box. I'm a happy customer and have not found or heard of any thing that works any better than this bluing. last bit of information if the barrel has (light) pitting (not heavy pitting) a Dremel tool with a steel wire wheel will work marvelously it is a time consuming job but will be rewarded with a! beautiful look and finish :) here are a few pictures of a few recent refinishes (should have taken before pictures) the Mossberg 22 Mag was a (real mess) refinished the stock and have a look at the bluing (this was taken down to the virgin steel) a little bit of work but the end product well worth the time invested :)

Above are the restored Stevens and Mossburg

Below are the close-ups of the Stevens
and the Mossberg.

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