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FAQ,Your preference, oil or grease on frame rails
Blackhawk, August 17th, 2003:
FP-10, period.

However, I also treat the metal parts of my guns with MolyFusion.

Blackhawk, senior member August 6th, 2003:

However, my all time favorite combination is treating the parts with Moly-Fusion, then using FP-10 as the lube. Makes the guns' actions buttery smooth and resistant to dust, lint, etc.

Blackhawk, January 3, 2003:

Sure I'd like to try out the new stuff!

I bought a bunch of it, and I'm not even close to being out since I use the plastic wrap treatment method I believe I described on TFL. [TheFiringLine]

MolyFusion is great, and I still recommend it highly.

I've had no indications of any problems at all. They're still all slicker than you know what on you know where after extensive use.
However, I'm not comfortable running my pistols run with just MolyFusion. I also use FP-10 on the MolyFusion treated guns. Their actions are extremely smooth and silky plus being dirt and lint resistant.

I've treated knives and all kinds of other things with MF, and it's always performed beyond what can be reasonably expected. If the new stuff is better, I'll have to see it to believe it!

Moly-Fusion™ For future reference, as BlackHawk did in another post, the old MolyFusion(tm) thread is:

The main thing to remember is Fusion is not Moly-disulphide, but "becoming one". It doesn't mash something onto or into the metal, or bond something into the metal, but becomes physically "one" with it.

I spoke with one of the results posters: Eric, over the last two days, and he still is supportive of the technology

He can't wait to try out the new.

This section of should be the most ideal starting place to renew the thread, some of the other positive posts were by BlackHawk.

It can be useful for doing actions, select barrels, shotgun barrel and choke treatment, resizing dies, gunsmithing drill bits, and more. (Based on posts on, and what you can find elsewhere including at Shooter Solutions and Moly-Fusion at posted .)

An important comparison is the independent It was by forum member asking "Moly fusion?" just as it was started at the old firingline as a question. I am known as techshooter elsewhere, but I registered as Shooter Solutions on thefiringline.

Blackhawk, would you like to try out the new one? I hope you are running low of the old by now - being a year later. Even if you still have some, I would think you would still be interested in the modifications that make it easier to use, stronger, and more effective.

Rustang, August 1, 2003

Shootersolutions Parkerizing
Ok to whom ever will listen, I would like to state that first I do not believe in snake oil, and I did not know parkerizing could be so easy.
Let me start from the beginning, I have an old us issue 22 colt ace conversion that I was looking to find the 45 parts for, I wanted to parkerize the slide I found and the parts after i fit and tuned them, after a a long search I decided on the shooters solutions kit, jonathan talked me into the moly fusion as well. now people let me tell ya I have tried the cold blues and all of that garbage and I wanted to parkerize, piece of cake no mistakes, even the local gunsmith could not believe i did it, so over he came to watch me do the rest, he was truly impressed as he is an old crusty guy( haha) he was not too sure about the moly fusion, well I took it to work as we were having problems with milling cast titanium, well check this out after much complaning and griping he let me treat his very expensive bit, after using it approx 3 times longer than usual they wanted to keep it, I told them to buy their own, great stuff guys put it on my 1911 col and actually had to go to a stronger spring. This stuff is no bull, and if that does not tickle you check this out, grandpa gave me some ww2 45 ammo ( dirty stuff) I ran 2 count em 2 patches through the gun and it was clean as a whistle not lie, I put some on a smith revolver i have and shaved aprox 3/4 of a pound off of the trigger pull no bull fellas no bull at all. tried it on 2 others with the same results and now I have one the is whisper touchy,( be very careful with the moly as it is slick!!!!) call shooters solutions and talk to jonathan, I have no axe to grind just an average joe on a budget and it worked like a champ, I highly recommend his maganese parkerizing fantastic stuff!!!!!! he will have pic of my stuff soon on his web site thanks for listening Jimmy

August 2, 2003
I want to apoligize for the lack of periods in my paragraph and sentence structure. You may not believe it, but my major was english composition! Alas I have always hated punctuation - as it seems to slow down my thought process. Perhaps I will go back and proof my post and make sure my participles and gerrunds are correct. I will also try to ensure not to end my sentences incorrectly. Ha ha, now that all that crap is out of the way The product did work as advertised, I have been told oil is good, then no no oil is bad you should'nt need so much oil. The thought of this molyfusion staying put for a long period of time is what piqued my interest! Yes there is alot of knowledgeable people out there, but most of my experience has been trial by fire, like my first (Hell I can do my own damn trigger job) boy that was costly and gee whiz the thumb safety doesnt work what happened???? I have been trying to do my homework and then extrapulate the info into sort of an average of common sense and keeping it simple. the website is, or just type in cold bluing or parkerizing and jonathans site will show up. We use alot of odd mill and cnc bits, we drill through carbon fiber and boron, some pilot holes take 3 to 4 drill bits, I think we have solved our problem. I have now tried this product "molyfusion on 3 of my smith and wesson revolvers, just to make sure and the results were nearly identical, one had a known trigger job and boy that one got a little spooky. The other 2 were unknowns again the results were very very similar. I myself would consider 3 different revolvers a trend - and plan on applying some to some new pistols of friends of mine. I did a test on my S&W Smith and Wesson Model 41 and make no mistake when you treat the barrel of your gun/action/whatever,

what once may have been the best ammo may now be the worst as was the case with my smith bullseye gun.
So be sure and talk to Jonathan and understand that you may have to load up a new run of your favorite load to make sure it is still what it once was.
Finally, if anything molyfusion was worth its weight in gold to me for the cleaning process. I am very particular and loath the dirty weapons as we all do - I had to do a double take after shooting the dirty ww2 ammo! I even asked my son if he had already cleaned the .45 at the range! (Hell NO he is a teenybopper). ... I will [plan on posting] some more tests I plan on doing. Thanks for taking the time out to respond and point out my mistakes.
I will try harder to make the reading a little easier, just a little excited, so much so that I got the go ahead to order some for work to do a cost analysis, I will also keep you all posted on that, I work for General Atomics We build the Predator UAV, and we are the ones who are now firing "Hellfire missiles" off of the little bird when knowone thought it would!!!!!

Thanks again Jimmy

Gun Grease versus Other Lubricants for Hot & Humid Climates - Opinions

Coltdriver, senior member, June 14th, 2003
I would recommend that you check out moly fusion and treat your slide rails first.


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