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Super Clear Coat

Lacquer High Gloss Extreme Clear Coat

<h3>Laq-EXTREME™</h3> Super coat

It is better to use a lacquer than oil or grease, other things equal because it is more corrosion-proof. Compare with the inferior Hardness Spec-wise but same theoretical coverage for either Duracoat(tm) for guns or Renwax(tm) in a metal can also with respect each to hours of salt spray if applicable at what thickness. Coverage is 4 square foot per ounce at a dipped coating of 3 mils becoming 1.5 mils if that starting point. Super Lacquer Hardness, Much better Salt Spray Resistance than wax, and doesn't have to be sprayed or layered yet is extreme! This product is on the new clear water based Clear Coat So Strong and Corrosion resistant it has to be called a lacquer, these hardness and properties are truly amazing for a non-hazmat even by air in large quantity product! However the drawback to getting to self-leveling it is important to wear rubber or nitrile gloves like with the rugged gun blue against skin contact, and also not breath the fumes: so good mechanical exhaust ventilation or adequate charcoal filter mask is important.

All product extreme properties are:

  • 50% becomes the finish!, 50% water!
  • Any thinning of it is with more water not some petroleum based solvent!
  • Self leveling via brush on, no pin holes without an additional product to purchase like one 2-part reactive clear coat that is 2H!
  • Will fully harden in 3 hour ambient temperature yet remain fully flexible, impact resistant and still give a finish of a full "2H" hardness! -- Not H to 2H
  • For quicker drying and also gets similar or a bit harder over that time use a preheated oven at 180 degrees F - 200 degrees F for an hour
  • For quicker drying and also gets similar or a bit harder over that time use a preheated oven at 180 degrees F - 200 degrees F for an hour Surface will lose some flexibility, but not noticeable salt-spray corrosion resistance. Note: not while this is high temperature do not use 300 degrees (or 200 degrees) on any plastic or PVC that Outgases a corrosive fume at low temperature or warps!
  • For maximum hardening that maintains at least a metal 90 degree bend of flexibility to the point of "6H lacquer finish" but also that much greater abrasion resistance and Acetone and Lacquer Thinner removal/damage with abrasion resistance over that time use a preheated oven of 280 degrees F - 300 degrees F for two hours. To get this effect. And that is without compromising surface thickness and therefore its salt-spray resistance.
  • When used at full strength with Shooter Solutions' bluing/blackening to directions including a least a 60 second strong overflowing water tank rinse then heat-dried, its natural 3 mil starting depth will harden to half the thickness it started and get an honest 280-300 hours of great continuous salt-spray resistance. Protection will be approximately 1/3 to 1/2 lf when diluted 50/50 with distilled filtered or Deionized water to keep the cost down and also its thickness.
  • Sizes of full strength will begin with 1/2 oz by volume up to quarts and gallons
  • This can ship by air in ANY quantity because it is non-Hazmat in ANY quantity because it is not an explosive!
  • Truly High Tech!
  • Can be multiple-coated after allowing to dry tack-free first or even if allowing to cure first if suddenly you realize diluting it 50/50 with water leaves too thin a coat, or if suddenly you learn you need to achieve thicker salt spray or solvent resistance. More mils = longer salt spray resistance with this, because it is eaten away by salt spray uniformly over a long time. 280 hours to failure at 1.5 mils for clear coat resistance.
  • Calculated coverage is theoretical coverage no evaporation metal dipped into it, original concentration, for a 3 mil thickness, which becomes a 1.5 mil thickness.
  • Caution: As with many products will be some vapor that should not be breathed or inhaled! and the liquid is not flame proof but it is not explosive!
  • And finally, in reference to the above "air shipping" this can ship with the Shooter Solutions Rugged Gun Blue in the air by flat rate Priority Mail because it is both water-based and non-flammable (not a fire hazard)

Laq-Extreme(tm) 1/2 of 1 oz size
Laq-Extreme(tm) 1/2 of 1 oz size
Regular price: $5.99
Sale price: $4.99
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  • Super Lacquer Laq-Extreme™  1oz
    Super Lacquer Laq-Extreme™ 1oz
    Regular price: $9.99
    Sale price: $7.99
    linkTo: "superlaq1oz" "Laq-Extreme-1oz"

  • Laq-Extreme™ 2 oz.
    Laq-Extreme™ 2 oz.
    linkTo: "superlaq2oz" "Laq-extreme-2oz"

  • Laq-Extreme™ 4 oz.
    Laq-Extreme™ 4 oz.
    linkTo: "superlaq4oz" "Laq-Extreme-4oz"

  • Laq-Extreme™ 8 oz
    Laq-Extreme™ 8 oz
    Regular price: $39.99
    Sale price: $35.99, 2/$60.00
    linkTo: "superlaq8oz" "Laq-Extreme-8oz"

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