Sig Sauer Accessory - (Warning)

Sig Sauer Accessory Warning

Here is a warning by Teddy Jacobson

If you plate your slide and your barrel and get too much of a plating buildup, the slide will no longer go into battery, another words the slide will lack at least 1/8 of an inch of going fully forward and not go into full battery position and your Sig will no longer be operational. A Sig pistol has a reset spring and you can see it by looking at the back of your hammer, just above the tang of the frame. The 230, 232, 239 are different. No other major modern semi auto pistol uses this system. If you lighten your hammer spring too much by cutting coils or by using a light replacement spring you will have misfires.

I have seen many Gunsmiths and Pistolsmiths install the triggar bar spring in the wrong hole in the trigger bar and this could cost you your life. A Sig pistol can be super reliable but when you treat it like these other semi autos with out the reset design you are just begging for a disaster. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have repaired Sigs that have already been worked on by the "EXPERTS".

If you do not believe me, take the word of the factory in Exeter, N.H. Last I heard they take in around 6000 repairs a year. They just love these SMITHS that have worked on your Sig as the repair bill just goes sky high. I think you must use the following guide lines if you own a Sig Pistol.

  1. Keep the original factory parts as is.
  2. Never try and get a super light Double Action trigger pull.
  3. Never remove the finish off the frame.
  4. Never use an after market barrel.
  5. Never install a stronger firing pin spring.
  6. You CAN plate your slide if you want.
  7. You can NOT plate your barrel.
  8. Do NOT use after market triggers.
  9. Do not use strong cleaning agents and get it on the grips of your 230, 232.
  10. Do not try and convert your mag. release button your self to L.H. operation.
  11. Do not try and install the new type trigger return spring under your standard right grip panel, it will not work.
  12. If you replace the front sight, use the same number as factory standard which is stamped on front sight.
  13. Never bang on new Tritium gas sights, use a correct sight pusher.
  14. Always spray cleaning agent like LPS MICRO X in the hole on left side of extractor to clean internal areas.
  15. Never over tighten after market allen type grip screws.
  16. 16. There is nothing wrong with the factory standard twisted wire recoil spring.
  17. Never try to checker the front strap of your anodized aluminum frame.
  18. Never cut your mag. release catch assembly spring.

- Teddy Jacobson.
For accessories - good ones direct at Sig Arms, see the Accessories page hosted direct from Exeter NH if you have time. Misfires is not a good thing

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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