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Shooter Solutions' Shipping Frequently Asked Questions


All online orders have shipping delayed due to trying to get these pages rebuilt and shopping cart up all at the same time. However the standard I will getting back to either within same day, 24 or 48 hours depending on the item and quantity, and time of year as per the Winter rules. For all shipments of nonhazardous items like Liquid Gun Blue Kits and multiple Quarts, as well as Moly-Fusion&trad; it is not only highly recommended to ship USPS priority, but in the Winter, freeze-potential damage items like Gun Blue can ship at any time since they are net left in trailers over the weekend to freeze. Super Concentrates like Parkerizing, Stainless Steel Rugged Gun Blue, and 400 series metal prep powder, as well as Stainless Steel prep,that has to go UPS ground may ship to avoid stopping in the Mountain States over the weekend. This shipping FAQ is for domestic shipping only. For INTERNATIONAL FAQ, see that page on FAQ.

ORMD Shipping Items
No item that is ORMD can be sent by USPS any method, and only nonhazardous items that cannot be sent by USPS priority can be upgraded to UPS next day, next day air saver, 2nd day, 3-day, and only where they can go.

This means but not limited to all concentrates of Brass Cleaner, Parkerizing, Grain Refiner, Nylon Coat, Stainless Steel Gun Blue, Stainless Steel Gun Blue Prep.

Items inbetween are gallon sizes of anything - too big for priority mail, but if not hazardous, can go UPS next day or slower.

Priority Mail
By default all items that CAN go USPS Priority mail will go that way, and be priced at this (lower-priced) method of shipping, because all items of quart sizes and smaller are small enough to fit into flat rate boxes by volume instead of by weight.

  • All nonhazardous light freezable items including all bluing kits, any size of bluing up to multiple quart size of gallons, will not ship to the East coast via UPS ground due to freezing
  • All hazardous water-based liquids, which of course have to go UPS ground, will ship out on Fridays only to the east Coast and on a day so it will see a minimum chance to freeze. What to do if freezing occurs directions will be included with the item
  • Any change of one type of shipping to another by Shooter Solutions' will result in a delay, due to customer approval required.
  • If you want an additional bottle of gun blue free: one more than in a kit, just select UPS Ground Residential long distance from here, with comment to ship USPS priority mail, the few dollars difference applied to a free bottle.
  • If the verification information for the credit/debit card/PayPal address does not verify, including security code will result in the order put on hold.
  • When ordering one or two bottles of the gun blue, keep in mind the incentive to get a kit: free bottle of gun blue included, not extra shipping charge.
  • Shipping point or FOB for all items, including freezable items are from Washington State, not Washington DC
  • For any questions, please e-mail help@shootersolutions.comsubject=helpshipping or call at 1-1-800-350-1537 for US outside of Washington State or 1-360-988-6583

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