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You will find a link to rimfirecentral.com in the links section. The site is back up and running. (as of November 8, 2004, 3:10 PM est) The threads to rimfirecentral.com won't be named, as Rimfirecentral.com requires you see their homepage before entering for the first time.

Rimfirecentral.com is a terrific site. The number one product of Shooter Solutions' reviewed - as to quantity of reviews are with regards to Moly-Fusion™ below. There have even been at least one review on each of the following: hangun use, machineshop bit use, centerfire rifle, and competition shotgun bore. There have been so many positive reviews, it is necessary to organize some of them here, according to the end-user license agreement. Shooter Solutions' techshooter is a sponsor, member, and promoter of the membership-important Rimfirecentral.com. Rimfirecentral.com membership is important to Shootersolutions.

If you want some Rimfire information, here it is.


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