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Custom Rifle Makers

  • The Ultimate Rifle "... Custom rifles crafted with pride. Mark Bansner's goal is not only to produce the best rifles he can, but also to build rifles completely from scratch."
  • Performance Guns Gunsmithing by Brad Stair, attention to detail.
    Brad is so succesful with his custom hunting and sniper rifles and retrofits, he cannot take on new customers or new products until he moves into larger facilities with the amenities needed. Brad uses the MolyFusion™ by ShooterSolutions™ on every single firearm he builds and customizes, (From Shooter Solutions for years!) as a component of his fine attention. 50 Caliber Sniper Rifles and all rifles giant and small, get another boost in performance. Brad has also meticulously used it in treatment/improvement of used bores as well. "When I have time, I will treat more of my tooling." after treating his cobalt drill bits with it as well. (It is a "slam dunk" in performance increase).
  • Gunsmoke Inc. AR15 Rifle precision specialist.


Custom Rifle Gunsmithing and Modification

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