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Redtip17 .063" one hole & testimonial thoughts

Redtip17 .063" one hole & testimonial thoughts

Framed Picture: 5 shots @ 100 yds. .235 inch
26-Jun-2003 - Resolution: 311 x 400
Click on full Screen Size: 10 KB
Picture: June 26-2003: What the VQ .17 did.
Conditions: no wind, Gun: 100 round break-in first.
.235" - .172" = .063", a mighty small center - center.

Redtip17 .063" hole & testimonial thoughts

Redtip17 really enjoys MolyFusion™ for both gun and machineshop use. Redtip17 isn't his real name. But don't take my word for it, see what he has to say.

.17 Caliber

use a BoreSnake but I removed the wire brush from mine. Volquartsen will void their warranty if you use a brush in their barrels.
I used a Patch Worm with Blue Wonder Bore Cleaner about every 500 rounds, followed with a patch soaked in Moly Fusion™ oil then 2 dry patches. Takes about 5 rounds to settle back down after cleaning.
I used the Bore Snake every 100 rounds in between the Blue Wonder cleaning. After 2000 rounds I'm still running sub 1/2" groups at 100yds. Bill
11-11-2003: Jonathan,
I'm glad you jumped in there before I did. I'll endorse Moly Fusion for the use of the bore of every firearm I own plus a lot [of] other uses also. I've even Moly Fusioned the actions of my weapons too. :D Bill


I've been trying to tell these guys this for months about MF. Just DON'T get it on an end mill shank because a collet will not hold it til you sand it off the shank. I almost never got it clean.


My VQ has a 18.5" barrel and it's been running over 2600 fps. I also treated mine with Moly Fusion and I think that made a difference. Bill


Well, I was up til 1 am this morning working on my new TOYZ. I picked up my new VOLQUARTSEN .17 HMR yesterday. First thing on the agenda was to remove it from the stock and do a thorough "Blue Wonder" barrel cleaning. Next do the Moly Fusion treatment. Wipe her down and set up the Tactical Scope Rings. Got the Tasco Custom Shop 8x40-56mm scope mounted and set the eye relief and got the crosshairs plumb & level. Weighed the sucker,
Total weight: 10lbs; 14-5/16 oz. Unloaded WOW


I think you'll find this MF process is a completely different process from PTFE paint. MF combines with the surface molecules of the steel and is NOT a coating.
The steel will actually shows a different color if it's done on a chemically clean steel. (Except Stainless Steel) I know the bore of my rifle changed to a grey (hazy) powder colored look, once I oiled it and I fired it. It became almost like a chrome finish and felt slick as glass to a patch. It feels like it takes half the effort to pull a patch thru it compared to Before treatment. Bill

Scott Volquartsen, 4-29-03
What about in the VQ rifle?

I talked to Scott Volquartsen about using Moly Fusion in the VQ barrel. He said he likes it and thinks it's a good idea.
I know it sure made cleaning my other .17 a lot easier. My VQ .17 should be here within the next 2 weeks and I'm sure going to do it to mine. Bill

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One Hole .059"



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