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"... However, one product, MolyFusion™, surpass all the others ..."

Southern Sporting Magazine Product Feature

Article below, thumbnail picture at left, as printed in the following magazine.

Southern Sporting (Journal) Product Feature

October 2002
by Stephanie Rebman

Shooters Solutions' MolyFusion™

There are many products that enhance gun performance and increase the wear resistance of metal. Some of these products also provide better gun performance and give the gun a high-quality look. However, one product, MolyFusion, surpass all the others in those areas.

MolyFusion was created by the company Shooter Solutions. Shooter Solutions was formed in 1996 as a privately-owned company and began with the intent of improving the shooting industry in their finding, delivering and supporting original and fine-quality products. Currently, Shooter Solutions is becoming Shooter Solutions, LLC, thus becoming a larger company. However, unlike many large companies, Shooter Solutions isn't going to forget their customers, especially the individual gunman.

The Vision

Shooter Solution's vision and goal is to provide the best possible products and great service to all customers. Shooter Solutions desires to become a major force in the industry as well as a leader in thought and technology, while still serving the customer.

By following their vision and striving to accomplish their goals, Shooter Solutions creates some of the best products that can be found in the shooter world. Their number one priority is to put out simple but superior, performing, updated, industrial-duty, professional-grade products. This priority is fulfilled with MolyFusion, their core-technology product.

MolyFusion comes in labeled kits and is the only product customers may use that includes the unique Molybdenum Phosphate Nitrate Metal conversion surfaces. the kits make the surface a "super hard-acting version of the original%quot; and a "super lower-friction version of the original." It is extremely heat resistant as Advanced Manufacturing testing shows a 2200 degree withstanding There is also no significant tolerance change on sliding surfaces. For easier usage, cautions and things not to do are included in the kits.

MolyFusion doesn't just assist guns; it drastically improves their potential. It brings many advantages to shooting. It is a new metal that increases lubricity, thus reducing the static coefficient of friction. MolyFusion allows the surface to hold up to wear better and can even eliminate wear. MolyFusion reduces corrosion when it reacts with the proper compatible metals. As experimentation has indicated, when reacted, it eliminates ability to rust, even black rust.

Another aspect of MolyFusion that makes it so powerful is the fact that it is self-reacting. Where other products require further technology to make it work, MolyFusion is the technology. It does not require any further steps or products in order to make it effective.

MolyFusion technology is considered by many to be a super lubricant for guns. It is seen as slippery, durable and heat reflective. These aspects make it enhance burn, which further increases fist shot through velocity. Also all following shots are enhanced due to the lack of and fouling build-up. With proper treatment, preparation and following precautions, advantages include: improved longevity, accuracy overall, elimination of copper and lead depositing, and noticeable reduction in felt recoil. Shotgun usage is improved with the use of MolyFusion, and using MolyFusion for black-powder guns if it yields excellent results as well.

Customer Satisfaction

Customers are satisfied with MolyFusion™. One commented that he experienced a greater amount of success, particularly with the wildcat calibers. In addition, he noticed a tremendous reduction in fouling in his 30-378 Weatherby caliber guns. Another customer indicates he noticed an elimination of first round flyers and a reduction in long range group size from 11 inches to around 8 inches average. Finally, another states that his gun has less fast kick as before, and cleaning after shooting either copper or lead factory bullets requires just a quick patch or two of Shootersolutions' cleaner oil. These testimonials indicate the success of Shooter Solutions with providing a quality product, making them a leader in the market.

The newest MolyFusion, at industrial prices, is far superior as it is more powerful with reaction time, quickness of coverage and quantity of Molybdenum per fluid ounce. In addition to the revolutionary strength of the MolyFusion solution, it contains 10-50 nanometer-sized lubricant, which significantly enhances the power of MolyFusion alone.

Finally, in addition to the many reputable products Shooter Solutions develops and puts on the market, new products are about to surface. They are developing new nanolubricants, greases, plus 2- and 4-cycle oils. For more information contact Shooter Solutions at [(800) 350-3517];

Southern Sporting Magazine, October, 2002, Pg. 62, Published by Grand View Media Group.

Southern Sporting Journal
Southern Sporting Journal

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