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Privacy Policy

In addition, your privacy and rights to not be SPAM'ed, movements recorded, etc, is highly regarded and respected by Shootersolutions.

Tracking Customer Movement
  • No personally identifyable information is recorded by or shared to Shooter Solutions by any third-party site.
  • The trackers to report non-customer specific browser type, operating system, to help with quality cookies are placed from Quantcast, Statcounter, McAfee Secure, and the website server
  • There are no more bunches of Yahoo! cookies deposited on your computer, because with respect to this site, Yahoo! is no more.
  • When leaving this site to follow a link there is no continuing tracking trail attempted at Shooter Solutions for advertising purposes
  • There are also no persistant ads that will be pestering you from site to site
  • So you can be sure that on an ordering page you will be on a secure connection, every page by default loaded on your browser is secure with industry standard 256 bit encryption to make sure there will be no man in the middle attacks on the perphery of a secure connection.
  • No credit card information will ever be stored on an unsecure server, and will never touch the Shooter Solutions server
  • All Credit Card numbers will travel only to or PayPal, and no copies of any credit card numbers will be stored on any Shooter Solutions computer or hosting server, rather than being stored in a less-secure-than-Authorize.nte Yahoo! server credit card processors say.
  • All does is handling the credit card data in beyond the industry standard, which is why it is so good.
  • Credit Card information by phone to Shooter Solutions is not stored anywhere, even on paper, but directly translated to once only by their secure connection, as required by bank processing standards.
Cookies (little files deposited on your computer):
  • Shooter Solutions will not at any time be storing any cookies on your computer or smart phone directly, but only use shopping cart "non persistant" (=expire when you leave the website) for the purpose of your computer keeping track of what and how many items are in your shopping cart: and only if there are any items there.
  • There is no advertising at ShooterSolutions' or any money derived from you clicking away so there will be no "clicking away" cookies deposited on your computer or smart phone either. That has never been a source of revenue, because it just slows you down

Shooter Solutions does not: cookies of our own, have them created for you, or subscribe to any third-party ads period. This gives you maximum privacy from our site.
Personal Information we get from orders and communication
Any and all personal information you give us, including where you click is not shared with others at all, except for the following:
  • When a customer voluntarily supplies referrals, pictures, proofs, testimonials, and other data for the express purpose of sharing it with others.
  • And even then, only non identifyable information can be used unless and as expressly given permission to use with the other non-personably identifiable information.
  • (with your right to modify your personal agreement at any time - "opt-out rights").
  • Example:
    On referrals, we do not publish personal-identifiable information with the exception of publishing as much as you give permission to publish, and the way you give us permisssion to publish it. (For example name (and how) and State, but no address.) You will see this in even our old referrals: unless otherwise we are given permission, we are careful to uphold your privacy. We encourage referrals, for this is what the internet is all about: sharing of information.
Sales exchange programs
  • Your personal or credit information for broadcast or for sales exchange programs is not done of any kind. Shooter Solutions' feels this is not right to the customer, who is a beacon of information to others already. Shooter Solutions has no "opt in" program of this type, for we are your absolute servent, not the other way around.
  • Yahoo! seems to be one of the greatest personal respecters of Privacy, but feel free to check their policy, including third party ads, as well. We don't have ads.
  • We are no longer hosted by Yahoo! but has its own server because the out-dated perhaps server was shared by over 1,000 other storefronts, and I did not like the security of their outdated method of keeping credit card data on their secure servers (They were their own, except reportedly a server served by thousand + websites not as secure.
  • In summary, the goal is to treat you like a friend, not a "thing"!
  • Shootersolutions was formed 1996: Release of personal data: never once to date. Of course not selling gun-related parts helps. Although this exception must be done with a court order for a specific reason, or to share illegal or suspected unlawful activity with the proper authority.
  • Your feedback is appreciated
  • Any changes in practice to this Privacy Policy will be posted on this website.
    Updates and clarifications will be added immediately as appropriate.
  • Original: 10-09-01 Updated 09-30-14

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