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Ported Barrels -

Ported Barrels; Ported Handgun Barrels:

Caution: The ports can become an unburned-powder Flame Thrower under the right conditions and be cause unintended damage in confined areas.

Also permanent loss of hearing can be experienced when combined with the right loads and a very confined area - like a vehicle. (Be careful of what the unintended consequences are.)

Ported Handguns

Keep in mind Teddy Jacobson warnings has to do with his concern for people.

When a person carries a handgun for their job as an LEO or as a civillian having a concealed handgun license or even a person that wants to protect their home. Reasonable decisions must be made and sadly most people believe the BS they read in publications and especially the advertisements and some of the nonsense that is posted on some of the lower class forums (my opinion only). Some magazines are wonderful "ENTERTAINTMENT" , never lose that perspective and they sometimes give good sound advice. Remember the people that write are being paid to go along with that publications agenda and that is down the green back road that leads to where Willie Sutton (famous bank robber) used to hang out.

When it comes to picking a handgun for protection of life and property, you or I never know when and or where what conditions we may have to use it. First of all you deserve the treat and experience of firing a small powerful handgun at night so that you can see for yourself what it looks like and how your eyes react. IN MY OPINION selecting a handgun with

Ports or holes in the barrel

ports or holes in the barrel is TOTAL INSANITY. I do not care who say its ok and a good idea, try it for your self, go to an indoor range and make sure there is a light fixture above your cubicle where you fire that ported handgun. If you have the holes on top of your barrel, check the light fixture after you fire your new "GEM".

Lets assume you have a revolver with a barrel length of 2.25 inches, and it either has ported slots on the side of the barrel or 5 or 6 holes drilled into the top of the barrel. You "MUST" shoot this revolver at nite to really appreciate the


you now own. I am going to write a story for you to read very carefully and I want you to pay very close attention to what I write as it is very important.
The following scenario can very easily happen;
You are driving your car, your wife, or friend, or one of your family members is in the passenger seat. You are RIGHT HANDED. All of a sudden you are being car jacked and they are trying to get in through the passenger side of your car, either thru the glass or the door. You elect to shoot (split second decision) through the passenger window in order to stop the attacker. You have one of those well recommended small but powerful revolvers that has holes in the top of the barrel or ports in the side of the barrel, you loaded your revolver with +P or +P+ 357 caliber cartridges and each chamber is ready to go with this super hot load.

When you point the gun using your right hand, you will need to angle your wrist to get a straight shot through the passenger window, in this moment of panic, your now angled revolver, depends on how far back your seat is in relationship to the passenger window but in any event this tilts the ports or holes in your 2.25 inch barrel toward your passenger. YOU FIRE, and kill your attacker through the glass. The flames coming out of the ports or the holes in your short barrel will take your passengers face off and you will blind them forever and their hair and your automobiles headliner will catch on fire.

Because you listened to the experts and used full power loads in your 357 magnum revolver, you and your passenger just lost your hearing, maybe for good. The person that attempted to carjack you is now dead and they are luckier than your passenger. You now have the picture of what I am trying to tell you and you can see what you are in for. This is but one small scenario I could tell you about. Do your self a favor before you ever carry a ported self defense weapon of any kind take it to the range and hold a piece of paper about 12 inches above the ports or the holes in the barrel and fire the gun with this paper in place.

Note from editor: At the very least check the gun under this scenario with the Ammo. you are being recommended to carry for self defense NOT inexpensive range Ammunition! If it is safe with lower powered ammunition, (Flame and noise) that may be the limit!

Why do they perpetrate this BS on the unsuspecting gun buyer (my opinion only) you should always follow the money trail. Its marketing geniuses that are very well paid to dream about Benjamin Franklin and it all comes down to improving sales at any cost to uneducated people. Use caution in making decisions for protection of life and property because once that bullet is discharged you can never call it back. (Or any non-thought out consequence - editor)

- Teddy Jacobson, 2004. (edited)

As a follow-up for 2014, the reason for this page even though it's old, is because it is important to know what uses not to use ported handgun barrels for.

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