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Moly-Fusion: Squashes Friction. (Number one in sales.) Old site was [ http://molyfusion.com ]
properties the best of it's kind.

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In order of interest:

    Foremost: MolyFusion(tm Shooter Solutions) is a killer product, (honestly) with great potential. It treats metal surfaces, and is a terrific product, and becomes bullet-proof. Years of success. This product was chosen to contend for product of the year (!) by the editors of Discover Magazine in 1998, and compared side by side (results: what it does)it should have won, but there was insufficient data on it (its uses). It has had much more physical success since 1996-1997. Launch date was 1998, as required by Discover Magazine (to contend). It has unique advantages over what placed ahead of it, in that you can do this yourself without special heated chambers and attending Scientists. It is so simple, in that the power is contained within it. It is for commercial, manufacturing, machine, tool, molds, as well as shooting industry. You don't need much. A one ounce kit is ample for quite a bang.
  1. Industrial Gun Bluing can be used on tool steel not just guns.<.LI>
  2. Parkerizing kits for your complete needs in this area. This Parkerizing is extremely popular for restoration to like-new and original finish firearms. And used for Auto and Bike restoration hardware.
  3. A supreme multi-purpose advanced wood finishing line, (Arrow) and more. The Arrow wood finish is one of the best products, but you need check out why it is designed to be one-of-a-kind but both versatile, durable, and magnificient to use.
  4. Additional: The mentioned products and finishes coming online work terrific on guns and great American "Bikes", like the Harley Davidson.

  5. Additional finish to hit sometime

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