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Services involve doing stuff for you, so you don't have to invest the time required to complete the project, the most expensive ingredient in a do-it-yourself project that can be shipped, in addition to the maximum job possible. For example for gun barrels, equipment that you will not have available to extract a 10X improvemnt in performance in result that is possible on your own.

Another reason would be safety.

Services are either:
  1. Gun Blue or
  2. Moly-Fusion™
  3. The reason Shooter Solutions is ding this website will be to do another one or two: responsive, mobile-friendly ecommerce site only. For money to help pay for the skills, computer, software, and learning curve. This site is a VERY large site (for hand re-coding) being recreated from a Yahoo! Storefront which is not mobile friendly or responsive, or as secure compared head-to-head with the specialist, the old software used is just really prehistoric compared with html5 (html) and php, together with modern web design technique. Of course Shootersolutions in that respect will be Gun-friendly, 2nd Amendment Friendly, and not Anti-conservative (Not from Silicon Valley.) This website will be Mobile Friendly, Responsive for Tablet viewing, and Ecommerce for Desktop, but the Shopping Carts and the surroundings will be Mobile Friendly for the convenience of all of the Smart Phone users. I'm not worried about it being great on either Internet Explorer 8, or Feature Phones, only that it is (mostly) viewable is all for IE8: 2.7% and dropping by the day use ie8, since it was obsolete a long time ago with respect to security for all but the biggest users with a special extension. Sorry for the ie8 users, but Mobile and Tablet browsers are 7X the audience percentage.

The service I've done is for golf heads with shafts attached with Blue Bluing Blueing and also on the aforementioned main Gun Blue page.

Restoration Service Via Gun Blue and Repaint

Gun Blue the Scotty Cameron Putter
Regular price: $199.99
Sale price: $149.99

MolyFusion Custom Extreme Treatment to a gun barrel
$119.96, 2/$199.96
itemid="molyfusiont" itemcode="MolyFusionXtremetreatment-barrel">

X3 MolyFusion Treatment of a gun barrel
$100.00 or $199.96 for two short or two long.
itemid="x3motrofgunb" itemcode="MolyFusionXtremetreatment-barrel-x3">

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Shootersolutions is completing from only products to sell to include ecommerce website development too: not with the traditional Wordpress, but Drupal PHP/MySQL, because it's better.
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