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One Shot One Kill

One Shot One Kill

One Shot One kill:

One Shot one Kill is one shot no kill

= Primer of .44 Magnum Case no powder OneShotOneKill, but not a Rolex Watch! Neither $7500.00 Diamond Rolex Watch Damaged

ChiefDave Shooter Solutions' related: Training for and shot = has a credit for MolyFUSION™ Note Moly-Fusion™ only has credit, not all of the reported skill, training, years of expertise, planning, location, practice, practice, etc. for making the shot possible. Although it is one of the key coponents to night and day improvements in several realms.

Below will be the links to the 3 streaming videos The links may not be working now, for some reason, but they will be, and perhaps in a choice of format. Remember it is only a home video, and the technology was not then what it is now, as seen in America's Funniest Home Videos. And a cut-out was done to preserve privacy, and there was no attempt by the home videographer to take a good picture of Chief Dave. I just discovered the broken links - but if no one cares, then there is time :):

Click on the one to match your connection speed. The format that will open up is REAL VIDEO 8 (Cross-Platform compatible) For best viewing increase the brightness of you computer screen so it is way too bright for text viewing. The detail (as best as resolution will give) becomes dramatic.

Amazing Shot - 3:53

realPlayer® versions. If you don't have pay or free version, you will need to download free or pay real player which you can download here, at Before you do, if you haven't already, I suggest you read my (techshooter) review (which is subject to change) here.

  1. Watch video (One Shot No Kill video clip, Real format, 56K modem users - 37 Kbits/sec.)

  2. Watch video (One Shot No Kill video clip, Real format, ISDN modem users & slow network connections - 100 Kbits/sec.)

  3. Watch video (One Shot No Kill video clip, Real format, Cable video modem, DSL, or fast network connections - 300 Kbits/sec.)

Relevant pages are always linked from the bottom. Scroll to bottom. (Save as one of your Shooter Solutions' pages, and while this is copywrite Shooter Solutions private video, feel free to share this link with anyone you trust to appreciate. While the shot is incredible, the gun is incredible, the conditions are incredible, and the shooter is ... you'll have to check out the related commentary, equipment list, other shots and more linked at the bottom. (You'll have to scroll to get there)

PS, Rolex watch shot:

First and foremost, I apologize their are two cuts: one for time, and one private face got in due to (unexpected) technique. It is underground, so One thing I noticed on the above on the computer I used for the lowest resolution, is it looked darker then it should, except where the beginning was enhanced (The watches look funny) to show clearly the case, for a still photograph, but I noticed on the maximum bandwidth, with very stron brightness, the resolution in this "enhanced" mode is far better then the original tape. I'll check out every version, but am in a haste to meet Saturday evening deadline for RFC. If you can't view the below, a page of still photographs and explanations will show some moments of the film and the equipment involved - as well as more detail, Rolex Corp. to Chief Dave award, etc. If the larger files are too dark, then I hope they will be light enough to see enough detail for the images that will show greater detail. It wasn't shot with the great light used for movie sets - extremely dark in comparison.

For more on this video, the making of it, etc, scroll down and click on "more ..." below. If you don't know "Chief Dave" you will have some doubt, but it is real and is presented as entertainment of an event, rather then "absolute proof" with enclosed list of witnesses. It is presented for audience, but walkins from all forums and all our (and Shooter Solutions's) private friends are welcome stroll in and view for free. It is not cut-free because privacy is most important, and it isn't a TV Broadcast production. It is noteworthy for what is possible for one man to be now in 2004 with what used to be the lowly Rimfire, Semi-auto, with all these years of learning.

I hope you like all the work and effort in getting VHS tape to you as of August 21, 2004. More pages coming Jan 04, 2006

One Hole .059"

One Hole .059"

One Shot


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