One Shot

One Shot

Listing of One Shots include:

  1. 4C&trade One Shot. It is a one-shot metal preparation. Try it out as a direct undercoat (better) replacement of phosphate coating (parkerizing) for epoxies, powder coating, automotive painting, Gun heat coatings, and more. Since it is conductive it is great for welding and even wet-process plating.
  2. Chief Dave's One Shot One Kill Shot: No kill on Rolex watches; 1 shot one kill = .44 magnum case and primer; all at 100 yards: the target swinging fast on a pendulum. Just one single amazing shot - you need to dig down the links for the three streaming video links and the coming pictures and commentary pages. To "handicap" gun = .17 HMR rimfire semi-automatic.
  3. One shot would not be complete with out Chief Dave's 5 shot groups into one hole: .17 HMR (rimfire) Semi-auto 100 yards and .059" group. Who said there semi-auto cannot perform when souped up to the max with MolyFusion?

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