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One Hole .059"

One Hole .059"

One Hole Group, .17 Caliber

This "World Record"one hole

By definition, this is the best witnessed one hole group at 100 yards from a Rimfire ever that I know of - never mind a Semi-Auto rimfire.

One hole group shots by the online-known Chief Dave as witnessed.

This has been posted at, world headquarters for ALL Rimfire, and at Volquartsen.

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"I have about 100 22 caliber and 22 magnum rifles . NONE NONE will outshoot the 10-17hmr Valquartsen at 100 yds. I've been shooting 22's for 40 years and have never came close to the record I shot with a 10-17hmr autoloader. 5 shots @100 yds = .059 " If they quit selling ammo today = the gun would hang on the wall."

One reason for such a small group = Shooter + equipment + caliber + MolyFusion treatment + best of 10 groups = World record, as velocity Chief Dave measures 200FPS faster at both the muzzle and at 100 yards, and little to no 1st roung flyers. Back (To Chief Dave)
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World record holder rifle rimfire gun
World record holder rifle rimfire gun

One Shot One Kill
One Shot One Kill

Redtip17 .063" one hole & testimonial thoughts
Redtip17 .063" one hole & testimonial thoughts

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