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Check the WHATSNEW also. A painless 5% link. (Low pain, actually). No, it is not a 5% "tax": it is a donation from Shooter Solutions, the company you are ordering from! (Two to three clicks is as painless as the going gets! One for the NRA 5% giving program, where you will need to follow the directions to click before placing your order for the 5%). Following will be the "5% hot link" to click before ordering your order. It is a new program, an innovation of Shooter Solutions for the customer.

Preliminary, and dreamed up 8-17-01, but "hot-link" works, and September 11! happened in between. Now for the idea:

Innovation, brand new, by and from CEO of Shootersolutions for our beloved NRA:
This is the page dedicated to allowing you to select 5% of your purchase to go to the NRA, US. The 5% is intended to be donated by Shooter Solutions, LLC, which is taking over the ShooterSolutions Co. business. We donated to local NY friends of NRA, and now we are going to donate to NRA National, of our money, on your request before purchase, as part of the referral system for the benefit of customers who wish to purchase, and customers who feed back information and pictures for the benefit of their fellow shooters. Our goal is to net NRA much more money than they would get by us joining their "round-up" program. (Because we sell finishes, our average order is $30.00 or so, so this is better for our items).

If Microsoft can donate to the NRA, why can't we? We are the first to do this for the NRA - We hope this sets a trend of new donations to a 501C Charitable Corporation that has always been pro-US and pro-individual gun rights.

The 5% is tracked by Yahoo! third party services, and is automatic unless you select another hot-link before you order anything you want. (Hot-link associated with a referrer - Yahoo's program, similar to other percentage referral systems, but better for the company that provides them, especially if the company is a five star service company, like Shooter Solutions.)

NRA Headquarters: please let us know what you think. We would like to send out a press release with your cooperation, and insertion into information updates on MolyFusion™ and related in upcoming. NRA Headquarters has been notified.

The NRA 5% "Hot Link"
Clicking above will yield 5% credit of your following purchase to the National Rifle Association, USA.

Since we are instituting a 5% minimal referral, than allowing you to choose NRA shows our commitment to pro-gun issues, even though we sell to industry as well. We reserve the right to add or delete any links we wish at any time. Anyone and any organization that should SPAM, even once (unwanted or unsolicited commercial or "junk" post or solicitation email) will have their link removed immediately, and subject to loss of all accumalated revenue at the point of violation. This will not be invoked lightly. Every person and organization gets their own private "hot link" to determine what their up-to-minute credit is. Details on this program will be elsewhere.

Get a person live toll free unless your phone number is blocked 1-800-350-1537!

Orders with no issues are shipping out within 24 (business) hours of ordering.

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