Moly-Fusion Testimonies 2002

Moly-Fusion Testimonials 2002

A large number of testimonials recently for the last year have been posted to and by members of the gun forum a few members posted here. XF2 is posted below.

"I properly use MolyFusion on every gun I build, and the results are phenomenal. Sometimes I don't have time to tell a customer I've used it, until they ask why the last one performs so much better than the previous one I built for him, and as to providing written result to you: I an so busy now." I need another ounce so I don't run out: I don't treat shotgun bores if I am running low, because it takes so much more per bore to treat them, and this is a bread-and-butter product for me. I know how to use the product and I know I don't use it enough on my tooling: I will do more of that when I move. Remember I tried on some of my cutting tooling and drill bits to great results. I will want more from you for that, but I am going to get the pictures and results of the years of professional use on behalf of my customers for you when I can get the help I need. Your stuff is the greatest as a finish that pleases.
------ Brad Stair, a Gun Builder using the product from Shooter Solutions since 1997/1998

"Jonathan ....I used MolyFusion on my .308 FAL, an all stainless steel carbine from DS Arms. After treatment, I noticed that the surfaces felt "slickery" to the touch and the external surfaces (which I treated as well) were just a bit darker than the factory new finish. THe main difference I've noticed is that the whole rifle "cleans up" very easily after firing. Two "wipes" down the bore with a bore mop and cleaner and two dry patches and the bore is CLEAN! I'm amazed!
------ Scott Doxey

"My testing shows that the MolyFusion is a desirable product. It will enhance barrel life by eliminating most of the required cleaning in the bores conventionally need. There will be no need to use Molly coated bullets and the mess and expense they incur. THe corrosion fighting ability will also help barrel life. THe Paste and Oil kit makes the process simple...
All inclusive your company has developed a very useful money and time saving product!"

------ Kenneth W. Clark, Whiteface Mountain Barrel Supply Manager - October, 2002.

"Jonathan, All I can say is WOW! After shooting over 1100 rounds through my Ruger 10/22 with a treated 20" stainless steel barrel, the barrel looked as though only 10 rounds had been fired through it! After removing the barrel for further inspection and cleaning, I removed all signs of fouling with one simple BREATH! Keep in mind that over the coarse of 1100 rounds NO 10 shot group was larger than .662 inches.
     I ran a dry patch through just to see if I was not seeing all that was there. It came out almost totally white. Normally, it would have come out BLACK.
     Thank you for introducing such a great product to the industry. I am sure every gun I have will now get a treatment with the MolyFusion system"

------ Ross Power - October, 2002.

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