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Motor Cycle Chain Treatment

For general direction on treating chains on a bike, click on bike chains below.

Now here is how Redtip17, modified it to treat his bike chain (Motorcycle or motorbike)

Redtip17 removed the chain from his bike for a winter project.

  1. First of all, the handy solvent Redtip17 had was laquer solvent, so he soaked it well in a metal pan (so it wouldn't dissolve into the solvent) until all oil and grease was removed.
  2. Second of all, since one was handy, at this was a home diy project the chain went into the automatic dishwasher, for a hot was and rinse to remove the still-considerable (because the chain is used) dirt and salt.
  3. While still hot, compressed air was used to blast out remaining hot water (a chain is being washed, e.g commercial use, not dishes).
  4. Next step: we recommend strong plastic rather than stainless steel here, but stainless is better than steel (less reactive to the Moly-Fusion Treatment-oil)
  5. Chain dropped into the pan still scalding hot - Always use plastic since Moly-Fusion is repelled by plastic and a whole bunch of Moly-Fusion Treatment-oil dumped on top, and it sloshed around per directions, and allowed to sit for days I think, and then it was pulled out and hung up for excess to drip out.
  6. Results: While it has not been ridden yet, It is clearly much more pliable (a good thing) then before.
  7. Once assembled onto the bike, more stuff will want to be "dripped" onto it until it is completely treated (no further results take place.)
  8. Other areas, of course, the cleaned, heated sprockets need treated as well as the front-end forks, steel cabling in steel sheaths, as well as little amount of it squirted into the wheel bearings and worked into the bearings while spinning, and repeat after using for a few cycles: to make sure 100% results (100% results vastly more noticeable then a once-in-a-lifetime casual introduction.)

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