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What MolyFusion™ is

10 Things MolyFusion™ is.

  • Like the video at MolyFusion™First and foremost MolyFusion™ is
  • It is a Molybdennum Phosphate conversion surface. This enhances the metal surface with additional static friction reducing properties. It is a rugged conversion coating. It does not reside on top of the metal like an oil or synthetic. Once applied, it self-reacts to become part of the metal but is easy to remove with removal of the metal surface itself - like sanding or acid etch plus sanding. However solvents won't remove it. A Molybdennum destroyer will.
  • It adds to the metal enhanced results:
    • Atoms from the MolyFusion become part of the molecules for reflection of intense heat and retarding corrosion even if the metal is completely dry after washing it in solvent.
    • Atoms become “one” with the surface, which is also heat reflective and durable
    • Atomic atoms increase surface hardness which further reduces the coefficient of friction.
    • Technical: M-Fusion is the literal covalent-bonded atoms with the surface - as well as the presence of others - the strongest bond known to man. Covalent bonding is the same bond responsible for creating water. Technical: the atoms and metal make up an electrical circuit without electricity where surface REDOX occurs, a fancy term for reaction or conversion treatment. The practical effect is solvents do not remove it, which makes a treatment-maintenance more simple. Easy to use
    • MolyFusion™ has a dry film liquid which adds a great deal of additional salt and acid corrosion resistance.
    • MolyFusion™ with its Nano-Lube™ liquid adds an additional dynamic (movable) lubricant so small (as in 10 nanometers) it incorporates itself along with the Moly-Fusion™ reaction! It is a synthetic lubricant that is 100 times smaller than a micron. A micron is a metric term which is 1 millionth of a meter, or about 4/10 of 1/10,000 of an inch. (0.00004). It can fill porosity voids so small that it can only be easily seen by a scanning electron microscope. This means 10 nanometers is less than one half of a millionth of an inch.
    • MolyFusion™ products including the Treatment-Oil contain various environmentally friendly high shear-strength oil additives and other super-powerful-products to supply for metal-to-metal high-shear super-lubrication properties for protection to give the Moly-Fusion™ time for the trademarked reaction, just as a good offensive line gives a quarterback time to throw the ball without pressure in American Football.
    • Sorry it is so complicated - It is easy to use, since the results are built-in.
  • It is pH neutral (It is not an acid like Teflon-based products).
  • Moly-Fusion™ is environmentally friendly! It does made with chlorine like Militec-1 or with Fluorine like FP10 - Their are no components to cause corrosion at a later date.
  • Moly-Fusion™ is not known to be toxic! Nylon gloves are recommended on hands.
  • It is a NEW TECHNulOGY. Many new products are planned to be derived from this technology.
  • Because of it's strength, 1 oz. of Moly-Fusion™ will:
    • Treat a minimum of 10 Square Feet of metal!
    • Treat up to 30 rifle bores, for example! or 30 applications.
    • Treatment oil will be good for about 30 micro-cleaning and re-treatments of the above.
    • Treatment oil is less expensive per ounce for a fancy package (fliptop VS squeeze bottle) of the competition. The pure Fusion is more expensive per ounce than chlorine synthetic oil like Militec-1 or synthetic oils or gun oils because it is not an oil, but pure technology. When it is diluted out it becomes inexpensive but powered by Fusion.
  • M-Fusion™ is the last metal treatment system you will ever need to buy! Nothing else on the market comes close! (Required License to Use.)

M-Fusion™ technology based products has many uses in any industry that works with metal tooling or where the treatment of metal surfaces will increase the desirability of your metal product. (Except as noted.) An example is treating the bearings of electric motors and Compressors, even ones already assembled, to decrease bearing vibration and noise! Oil can be added on top of it. See applications and Moly-Fusion testimonials for examples.

For application areas, click on MolyFusion™ in red and go to application areas.


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