Moly FUSION™ Extreme

Moly FUSION™ Extreme
No longer available to purchase, only to apply.
Hi Performance non-stick heat-reflective Molybdenum electrical metal on metal conversion coating!

It cannot be shipped at all due to its extreme danger due to the estreme. The problem with something that works is it cannot be shipped for dangerous use, as in guns. It can be used for you though, and licensed for its use by you. It is always under end-user license agreement.

It is to create a non-conductive Molybdenum surface with Nano Lubricant that is nonstick. Since it is supposed to be an industrial coating, see Moly-Fusion™ Extreme. It is used for the purpose of an amazing Molybdenum which is rugged, non-stick, and heat reflective from its size. It is mechanical engineering.

MolyFusion™ common sense death warning
Since Fusion™ As stated above Molybdenum reduces friction well beyond what is required in some applications, and can’t be a general purpose lubricant and should not be used on everything. Friction is needed in selective mechanisms to work properly. If you wouldn't grease it, don't use Moly-Fusion™ on it. And furthermore, just because it is safe for grease, Moly-Fusion™ reacted metal can at its best be greatly stiction reducing up to hundreds of thousands to multiple hundreds of thousands of psi with oil: way beyond your typical oil. For example Moly-fusion™ on wheel bearings is great, although Moly-Fusion on the brake rotors is bad! Don't even think about using it everywhere. If it is used where it is not supposed to, the result, like grease - or this that can act like grease - can do when used where oil should be for example, can lead to serious injury or death.
Some things Moly-Fusion™ can do.
  • Converting the surface of the target metal to incorporate a protective metal barrier.
  • A casually converted thin carbon steel surface becomes 100% heat reflective to a propane torch and based on its results in the 6.5mm Benchrest might survive short bursts of a cutting torch if finished multiple times like the throat is. Mightas in never tried: Propane 100% is a fact. And that is better then before.
  • The surface becomes resistant to sandpaper and hardened metal filing, due to its nonstick nature - not hardness.
  • The surface becomes bullet proof
  • Reduces static friction ( stiction ) to converted metal at extreme pressures. 500,000 psi difference on converted tool steel and oil failure is extreme.
  • Does weird things in engines when mixed with motor oil hot and used with the engine oil pre-warm, like within seconds to 10 minutes, when a strange effect of increasing lower end torque of all engines is extremely unexpected.
Bottom line
  • It creates a conversion coating like the Shooter Solutions industrial strength hot Parkerizing or newly written up in a book, article coming soon, strong concentrated cold bluing pictures on guns, tool steel, houses, furniture, and works of art, not acid, but does not bond a created synthetic nor does it contain dried metal powder.
  • As described above the metal itself acts super slippery and grease on steroids, in addition to acting like a super metal.
  • It also contains a little extra amazingly new: Nanolubricant property which gives it reduced non-pressure i.e. dynamic as well as high-pressure low static friction.

* Patent Pending

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