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Hi It's about it's synergy of Molybdenum reacted with an existing iron alloy. Thus making (in the case of gun barrels) the barrel throat less heat-penetration to the blast and obliteration-burning with respect to air, and the rest of the non-chamber internal portion - non-stick to stuttering and bondingof the surface the entire rest-of-the-length non-stick under extreme pressure and extreme velocity acceleration .

While this is controversial in centerfire, due to presuming flawed steel to be better than synergy-with-it, even as of October of 2014,this idea is based on the concept that making the iron stonger in synergy, extemely heat reflective, and non-stick with respect to copper are all good things when used where acting like a grease is not a problem.

It still works today since it is what it has always been: an imporvement on Molyy-Disulphide, and where making steel completely non-stick to steel at hundreds of thousands of pounds of extreme pressure and where making it more resistant to injected heat are good things: like in the barrel and throats respectively of good-sealing barrels with respect to "would-be spinners" e.g. bullets, shells, projectiles, at the very least.

Original MolyFusion™ common sense death warning in the light of the above:
Since Fusion™ As stated above Molybdenum reduces friction well beyond what is required in some applications, and can't be a general purpose lubricant and should not be used on everything. Friction is needed in selective mechanisms to work properly. If you wouldn't grease it, don't use Moly-Fusion™ on it. And furthermore, just because it is safe for grease, Moly-Fusion™ reacted metal can at its best be greatly stiction reducing up to hundreds of thousands to multiple hundreds of thousands of psi with oil: way beyond your typical oil. For example Moly-fusion™ on wheel bearings is great, although Moly-Fusion on the brake rotors is bad! Don't even think about using it everywhere. If it is used where it is not supposed to, the result, like grease - or this that can act like grease - can do when used where oil should be for example, can lead to serious injury or death.
Some things Moly-Fusion™ can do.
  • Converting the surface of the target metal to incorporate a protective metal barrier.
  • A casually converted thin carbon steel surface becomes 100% heat reflective to a propane torch and based on its results in the 6.5mm Benchrest might survive short bursts of a cutting torch if finished multiple times like the throat is. Mightas in never tried: Propane 100% is a fact. And that is better then before.
  • The surface becomes resistant to sandpaper and hardened metal filing, due to its nonstick nature - not hardness.
  • The surface becomes bullet proof
  • Reduces static friction ( stiction ) to converted metal at extreme pressures. 500,000 psi difference on converted tool steel and oil failure is extreme.
  • Does weird things in engines when mixed with motor oil hot and used with the engine oil pre-warm, like within seconds to 10 minutes, when a strange effect of increasing lower end torque of all engines is extremely unexpected.
Bottom line
  • It creates a conversion coating like the Shooter Solutions industrial strength hot Parkerizing or newly written up in a book, article coming soon, strong concentrated cold bluing pictures on guns, tool steel, houses, furniture, and works of art, not acid, but does not bond a created synthetic nor does it contain dried metal powder.
  • As described above the metal itself acts super slippery and grease on steroids, in addition to acting like a super metal.
  • It also contains a little extra amazingly new: Nanolubricant property which gives it reduced non-pressure i.e. dynamic as well as high-pressure low static friction.

* Patent Pending

MolyFusion Custom Extreme Treatment to a gun barrel
$109.00 + 7.00 shipping 2 for 1 special short-medium barrel, $219.00 + 7.00 shipping 2 for 1 special long barrels

Buy Moly-Fusion Extreme™ for $100.00

Buy Moly-Fusion Paste and Extreme™ for origianal $69.96 or more.

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bore-fouling: 20 Moly-coated bullets

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bore feedback after treated, 50 Moly-coated

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MolyFusion Extreme™3 Treatment of a gun barrel
$109.00 short-medium 2 for price of 1 special + 7.00 shipping; $200.00 long barrels 2 for price of 1 + 7.00 shipping.

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