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MolyFusion™ Home Page of 2001

MolyFusion™ labeled product is the only product Shooter Solutions' carries that customers may professionally Molybdenum (far superior to Moly) Phosphate Nitrate Metal surfaces (with full directions, short-cut techniques, and the support chemistry: the kits) making this surface "super hard-acting version of original" and "super lower-friction version of original" acting base for more yet lubricant, yet itself extremely heat resistant (Advanced Manufacturing testing shows 2200 degree withstand) and of course no significant tolerance change on sliding surfaces. (Cautions and things not to do included).

MolyFusion™ was picked, when it started marketing in 1998 by the editors of Discover Magazine to contend for product of the year awards. The advantages it brought towards this contention are as follows:

  • New Metal

  • It increases lubricity - reduces the static coefficient of friction.
  • It makes the surface hold up to wear better. (dynamics)
  • It "eliminates" wear
    (At minimum 100 to 1, or tested at 1000 to 1 - or 8 to 1 at 1,000 times the force in scoring damage under lubricative simple wear, according to US documentation, 1996) during the time the layer of treatment on and within the metal surface survives the wear. similar to the diamond-like coating techniques, which it ran against that year..
  • It Reduces Corrosion
    Once it reacts with the proper compatable metals (Shooter Solutions' used high carbon steel) It eliminated ability to rust, even black rust, as viewed by results, when immersed into 5% salt water solution on our test samples for days, then left in the air for weeks. The metal stayed as bright and shiny polished as the day it was polished, without special handling or protectant. Their was zero preservative and it was handled with hands, including hand acids and salt before exposure to air.
  • Self Reaction
    Instead of requiring high technology to make it work, it is! the high technology. This is what makes MolyFusion what as "idiot proof" and as powerful as it is. There is no dilutions, and it doesn't require a rocket scientist or physicist to apply it. It does require paying attention to the warnings. Commercial use requires MSDS. It any case it requires applying it fully to the directions that come with the kits. With the testing Shooter Solutions is doing now, along with other products, this is a dynamic, killer product. Metal that would benefit from the new properties of wear resistance, "lack" of tolerance change, friction decrease, apparent hardness increase (due to the extra metals and stuff "jammed" into/onto the very same physical space together with Molybdenum is big) should be treated where appropriate. It is possible to truly parkerize, and Molybdenum Phosphate (black - easily - on the right metals) with this product, modified. Parkerize and Molybdenum Phosphate (Not possible any other way) with a 1000 to one surface enhancement, with a base for Sweetshooter or other "super lubricant on top of "super lubricant"" MolyFusion™ technology has been written up as a super lubricant, due to all it does - slippery and durable and heat reflective, which enhances burn, which increases first shot through velocity, and all following shots due to lack of any fouling build-up. (GUN-USE ONLY remark).
  • Applications
  • Nomination
  • Technical Information
    The "why" "how" "where" and "technical"
  • Technical support
    Technical Support is avialable by phone, email, FAX.
    Your satisfaction is guaranteed and wanted. However, until this site gets all the old information from, click on this sites' related pages, below.

    Gun Use
    From: Scott Doxey [sdoxey@] Sent: Thursday, July 15, 1999 12:11 PM To:


    Sorry it has taken so long to get back to you. Just wanted to let you know of the satisfaction I have had with the Molyfusion and the Sweetshooter solutions. I have used them on several guns and have had great success, especially on the wildcat calibers. I have noticed a tremendous reduction in fouling in my 30-378 Weatherby caliber guns. Please feel free to use my name as a reference for your products.


    Scott Doxey
    Trophy Hunter Magazine

    Webmaster's note: I found Scott Doxey today on an internet advertisement page that describes footage from Alaska, where he took a ram that will qualify for the "all-time Boone & Crockett record book with a green score of 172 1/8!" "Copyright © 2000" He was hunting Dall sheep.
    (Congratulations!!)I think this is the kind of notable gun he took his big game with of note.

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