The extremest of all, Moly-Fusion™ EXTREME is coming on the third week of August, the most advanced Moly-Fusion™ yet.

It is slated to be the commercial version of Moly-Fusion™ with a twist: It will turn carbon steel metal either gray or black, depending on the version: it will react with Stainless steel, but not change color.

Both versions will be a thin liquids, both grey in color, be so slow in evaporating (to be commercial) that it will require heat to dry it.

However, since it contains more Molybdennum than Moly-Fusion™ for guns, be more expensive but will be introduced at the same price, and have a double-purpose: color metal black, it is expected by knowing customers to obsolete Moly-Fusion for guns, and cause a revisit of the Moly-Fusion™ for engines too, as if this or a version of it works better for engines then the engine product, color does not matter to performance.

Originally it was thought Moly-Fusion for guns could be modified, but this was not the case. Its rebuilt from the ground up. It shares its chemistry, but missing anything that would make it less reactive as it can be from a commercial point of view.

So it will be available soon: its pricing for kits will be as Moly-Fusion for guns, but it will be way more powerful, acting like a gun blue.

Third, there will be a hard and flexible two-part epoxy whereby the Molybdenum metal content and reaction of the epoxy to the metal will be this Moly-Fusion™ Extreme, but the Epoxy portion will be extreme as well. It will only be introduced in black. Or it will be available in every color even right away with the exception of every color but black.

So there will be three version of Moly-Fusion Extreme: Two reactive liquids only, the third a self-reactive 2-part hardening thin but flexible epoxy.

Below you will find an extreme lacquer both in variable hardness/flexibility, proven 280 hour salt spray resistance and non-explosive nature, such it can be in a plastic bottle (HDPE). Compare it head to head, ounce per ounce, ease of use, explosivity with the most popular metal can clear coat (high clarity high gloss). Also the reducing liquid you must buy with it unless you have a gallon of fresh distilled water from the grocery store. It is a perfect compliment to the Shooter Solutions' Extreme Rugged Gun Blue (the rugged gun blue) and the Shooter Solutions' Extreme Manganese Parkerizing (Any description of Manganese Parkerizing / Kit is the same it.)

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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