Moly-Fusion™ - Extreme DIY Kits for Guns $29.98 - $179.98

Moly-Fusion™ - Extreme DIY Kits for Guns $29.98 - $179.98

Moly-Fusion™ Extreme Metal Treatment - the DIY Kits for Guns

The Moly-Fusion for guns Extreme kits are shipping and are 50% more then before.

What has changed is not the chemistry one bit, but changes to what is shown as followed:

  1. Cosmetically, there are no empty extra containers and bottles, since at 1,000 times more active to metal it is no longer necessary.
  2. As to product, it is no longer a paste: a concentrated liquid, which while currently needs to be shaken to bring it all back together, works better than a paste. There will be three versions, all three developed now, as
  3. Since it is a liquid there will not be an extra bottle of a "containing Moly-Fusion&trad;" Treatment oil.

You see, with the Extreme liquid there is no need to mix a thick paste with oil to make it work: it may not be nearly as pretty, but much more effective. Necessity to solidly block from a centerfire chamber will be greater, but it is for results, there must be a compromise. Also it will not be pH positive, and so that is the way it is.

"Conclusion & Observations: Does the Moly-Fusion work or is it sucker bait? Based upon what I have been able to see, it is good stuff and it does work.&Quote; - Stephen Camp, Hi-Power expert, owner of - if you want the webpage, ask by email, and it will be sent as a hotlink.

Moly-Fusion is metal treatment refined for both gun and engine treatment, and super-concentrate (full strength as a super-treament) not diluted out to a microscopic level - like it might be if you get something maybe this very same Moly-Fusion diluted out by a Gun Company without telling you it is in it, or the dilution. (As for example measured in mL per Gallon with 30mL equals 1 US ounce.)

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