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MolyFusion™ Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I love Moly-Fusion™! (Or want to try it) So when will it be available again?

    Now! As promised upon removal of the sebsite from Yahoo: For purchase or treatment by "Shootersolutions" or both.
  2. Where can I find the online directions?
  3. For many specific pages on Moly-Fusion™ click HERE which is the Red colored Moly-Fusion at the bottom of every page. You will need to scroll down on pages to find it.
  4. What is Moly-Fusion™?
  5. The long story is HERE The short story is it is one of the technology solutions for changing metal in a "Moly-Fusion™" way. It makes metal very inherently slippery even when dry or oiled under extreme pressure. It is Molybdenum infusioned not Moly-Disulphide on top or imbedded. It is a new metal. (The results.)
  6. Where can I find the online directions? HERE
  7. Why are there so many warnings in the directions? Anything involving guns, must have warnings not to work on one if you know nothing. Also, anything that does something must have warnings (Legally). While there are no warnings with grease, there should be - pretty much all the warnings for Moly-Fusion apply for grease with one interesting twist - grease is easier to remove as long as it doesn't covalent bond itself to the steel. (It would need Moly-Fusion technology as part of the grease for this interesting effect.) In other words if you are not afraid of oil or grease, there is no reason to be afraid of Moly-Fusion. If you are afraid to touch your gun, have someone else (as in your qualified gunsmith who knows what they're doing work with the two.


What is the most important thing you have to change not only the shooting industry, How we can shoot, but all of metal?
Because it does something no one has ever even imagined before: It does not just "clothe" a problem, but change the metal itself so "coats-clothing" etc. work better! Let me ask you a question.
If you were the metal of the bore - just imagine if you were the bore metal, and your skin is on the line, and your skin is getting destroyed, which would you prefer: another clothing that is easily ripped off, penetrated, destroyed, or non-existant once it is cleaned off, or a feeding solution that transforms a very thick layer of your skin (the outer surface) to an impenetrable, bullet-proof, solvent-proof, ammonia-resistant, saltwater proof, through and through, not just on the outside of the skin, but penetrated to a thousandth or so in, when applied to directions? Would you want a mixed product in someone's vat somewhere, or a reacted product that reacts with the metal, making the skin (the outer thousandths of inches thick) better than rocket ship metal? Would you want to bullet-proof your skin? Is this not why captains of soldiers feed the soldiers the best, train them the best, help them work hard, and help keep morale up?
If I was the bore, I would want my skin to be bullet proof, since I would have no control over the bullet or that coating that removes itself!!
Exactly! There is no other product advertised on Earth anywhere that is so powerful it address the problem directly!

Bot don't just use it for guns! A half ounce of it mixes in oil for a reason: so it will treat engine steel as well. It will make any metal slippery, but use it only on metal surfaces that should be made non slippery.

What about mixtures of "stuff" - you know, there low-priced because they're mixtures that "bond" to the steel?
Well all the "bonds" are no more complicated than mud and muck "bonded" or "stuck" to the steel (chemical "muck"). Most cannot be placed in the bore, and the few that can, in general tell you that it builds up on itself, is easily removed with alcohol or solvents, or can be downright dangerous (follow the directions always). They are always talking about the loose chemical-level bonds at best - mud being a good example, which is removed easily with good hot soap or caustic and water. One notable exception was Sweetshooter™ now obsolete, which long time ago tested positive with MolyFusion'ed™ surfaces because it is a created synthetic that mechanically attracts to itself - so it works on unbelievable slippery and hardened metals. MolyFusion is not a bond, but Fusion - Fusion into the metal, that the force of the reaction causes permanent unbreakable electron-atom-permanent-bonding (called "co-valent", the bond that makes our water) of Molybdenum metal (Not Molly) onto the surface, which protects the inward-changed metal from infra-red heat, friction, mechanical wear, while making the surface slippery. The science is totally different, and in no way in competition!

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