Buy Moly-Fusion Extreme™ for $69.96

Buy Moly-Fusion Extreme™ for $69.96

Buy Moly-Fusion Extreme™ Now

As the instructions say read the cautions with every instructions and do not order concentrate without ordering a kit too. Basically it is supposed to and does, reduce some of the sticking of metal parts even when leverage-pressed without oil to 500,000 pounds per square inch, which is like grease. Since the creation is like grease but extremely then it cannot be used anywhere grease cannot be used, and not necessarily anywhere grease can be used. It acts like mechanical engineering and must be used for commercial use only. Wrong use by accident can lead to serious injury, death, or life-ending injury.

Since the image on the right is a thumbnail, you can click on it for the full-scale image, or just click on one of the kit types below.

If you want Metal Treatment that reduces friction on contact, here it is. It also reflects heat, which is a unique twist to eliminating friction alone.

You get your choice of kits. Do you want to make guns and sporting equipment work better? Then you want the DIY GUN KITS with Gun-specific directions and cautions.
The Gun Kits - or this techology for gun anti-friction and bore metal-perfection has been used for many years - the current testimonials aren't posted here yet - and the Engine Kits are new, but it has been used on occassion over the years for that - I imagine you can expect eliminating/reducing friction in Engines, is a rare though when it is only known for eliminating friction in the barrel - which has extremes of temperature, just like in a racing engine. In the chassis and gear-transmission would be like using it judiciosly in the body of the gun.

Now if you want to treat Engines you don't want the gun Kit. So, from small engines that don't have a wet clutch to Automotive engines to Truck Engines to any type of oil-based engine, then you want the DIY Engine Kits.

If you want to do Machine-shop and Industrial tooling, you want the non-gun kits, namely DIY Engine and Machine Shop Kits: If you have a large operation, I suggest the economical 5 oz. Kit.

The engine kit liquid in a jar is different then the engine kit paste, made to be more idiot proof in the engine in that it is a less-thickened liquid - so there is nothing to get too hot. A paste is a pure liquid in paste form.

You will see the three classes of kits below.

They all contain a mixer bottle for making your own oil, as well as a metal-treatment oil.

The Moly-Fusion is so concentrated you may find it in another company's oil at an unknown dilutions ratio for example 1/10 oz (3mL) per gallon of oil or grease, then put in tiny bottles - You can make your own for less: If you get the kits, you will know the concentration and also what it is: Moly-Fusion™

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