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The Latest High Technology Lubricants that work the old fashioned way and with new technology: They work. In addition to the Lubricants listed below, check out MolyFusion, New MolyFusion and MolyFusion-Slick (both free with MolyFusion for now) and Sweetshooter in Finishes section.

We will be adding a self-lubricating finish that bonds to "any" metal and also to plastics, even, and wears extremely well, is slippery (self-lubrication) super durable, extremely easy to use (easy like our "idiot proof" and pro-parkerizing, and good enough to shout about. It, or forms of it will work great on surfaces you can't use any of our other surface finishes and/or treatments.

The best lubricant we have to offer you now is MolyFusion-Slick without question - It can be casually applied to clean metal, and it is effective!
Next in line is the permanent lubricant but much harder to apply Sweetshooter, which can co-exist on lubricative metals, finishes, and certain coatings, like bluing, parkerizing, and of course the original MolyFusion™ from Shooter Solutions™!

Shooter Solutions will be adding spectacular new (non-separating) grease and heavier-than-water oil based on the newest MolyFusion™ technology, as well as many new products in the near future including 2-cycle oil and 4-cycle oil additive (Keeping in mind the MolyFusion is neutralized by certain oils, and the current MolyFusion is not set up to be idiot proof" with oil - water based).

Shooter Solutions will be adding self-lubricating, low friction coatings "soon" (2003 at the latest, probably - since the MolyFusion™ line is the most important for 2002 ongoing) customized for the gunsmith, law enforcement coatings firms, and for the do-it-yourself first-timer too!
- 6-10-02

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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