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Activists Links Page

In memory of Actions By 'T'.com AMVETS

Official AMVETS site.

Arizona Cowboy Shooters Association, Inc.

Arizona Gun Runners
Law Enforcement Firearms and Accessories

Specialty: Ammunition.
A very worthwhile forum, on 10/27/04. (6,893 registered members, and a catchy name.). "Christian-Firearms" Review, 10/27/04 - Member Supported Forum, it appears, 07/22/13.

"When the project at hand calls for the "bigger hammer"."

Black Hart Long Arms
Replica Gunmaker with handcrafted parts from regional PA and CT circa 1740 - 1840.
Ballistic Fashions.

Website created in 1996. Still John Dreyer's (Conventional Pistol Shooting.)

Cactus Tactical Supply
"- World-wide suppliers of innovative, bleeding edge tactical equipment." Online store.

Circle KB Custom Cowboy Holsters & Western Mercantile
This rates a "top-10" award Cowboy and Western site of interest and links, because it covers Cowboy and Western. "Custom cowboy western style gunleather. Authentic handcrafted 1800's Style Western Holsters, Replica and Reproduction Pistols and Rifles, Western and Cowboy Art, Western Home Decor , Civil War and Western Historic Collectibles."

Cowboy Links
Our page of Cowboy links.

Civilian Marksmanship Program

Clark Custom Guns, Inc.


Disabled American Veterans
An organization of outreach and love to US Disabled American Veterans of all types.

Official US Department of Defense
Department of Defense, sanctioned for public use.

Official US Department of Defense Knowledgebase Page
This list will get you around the above site much quicker.

Dog Tags, (and Pet):
You will appreciate Dog Tags Direct.

Eddie Eagle Children Outreach Program
Sponsored by the NRA, America ... "With a firearm present in about half of all American households, all young children should know the children's Eddie Eagle rule of gun safety."
Eddie Eagle: "If you see a gun:
STOP! Don't Touch! Leave the Area! Tell an Adult." A working safety program.


First Defense Products

Forster Products
Makers of precision trimmers, screwdrivers, for reloaders and Gunsmiths.

Firearms Training Institute, AZ.


Guns, D & S Enterprises
Custom Hunting vests, Conceal packs, purses, and a full line of high quality holsters.

Gun Owners of America "The only no-compromise gun lobby in Washington." -- Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX)

Hi Powers and Handguns
Stephen A. Camp's good site of opinions and resources for FN Hi Powers and related.

Hunter's Shooting Association Advanced Field Marksmanship for Hunters

HuntSeek Forum.



Lilja Rifle Barrels Makers of Fine Rifle Barrels

Military Weapons Systems
Department of Defense


Michael J. Taggart
Class 3 Dealer, Class 2 Manufacturer
Magnum Research
Desert Eagle, etc.

MolyFusion Testimonials From Customers
New! (8/17/01)

"Mothers Arms" defending the mother.
Non-Profit Organization.


Numrich Arms
Supplies a collection of some firearm parts & accessories" They buy out parts.

(US) National Rifle Association. Official NRA website.

Paralyzed Veterans of America
Official US chartered Org to help spinal cord injury sustained US Veterans since 1947. It's worthwhile to visit their research.

Paladin Press



Self Defense Firearms Training Instructor - Greg Block
"Firearms Training for Law Enforcement, Military, and the Public."

The Shoot! Magazine: Cowboy Action Shooting.
 Shooter's Choice — Copper Solvent.
Shooting Sportsman Online
Magazine: Shooting Sportsman, The Magazine of Wingshooting & Fine Guns.
Small Arms Review Magazine
Publisher: Moose Lake Publishing.
Sports Afield
On-Line Magazine. Outdoors Magazine On-Line!

"Extreme shooting sports" "One shot one kill..."
Sniper Country
"Extreme shooting sports" "One shot one kill..."

Snipers Paradise
Soldier of Fortune
The Magazine
Sporting Shooters Association of Australia
Official site for Australia;
STI International, Inc.
1911's: "Manufacturer of fine firearms and firearm parts ... except pins, springs, and scopes."

The Tactical Intervention Specialists
Web site "For Serious Professional Civilian Marksmen@quot;
Military Quality for Servicemen. And for pets: You can get the Military quality so they are legible when or if the pet gets lost. The Quality is what is so special if only the best Pet Tags will do. I give it a personal two thumbs up. You will appreciate Dog Tags Direct has accessories too.

Trap and Field
... Official Magazine of the Amateur Trapshooting Association.

Trap Shooters
... the sport of trap shooting.

The original purpose has been changed to a polymer rimfire bullpup pistol. The above is the link that shows currently at United States Practical Shooting Association.
Home page: home to the "USPSA".

Varmint Hunter Magazine
Varmint Hunter
Veterans of Foreign Wars






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