Shootersolutions is you-focused. WE are all about providing the customer the best industrial products and service(s). The best services include sort of "idiot proof" do it yourself directions and instructions, special request services, and more. We do for you what we would want gun and/or industrial companies to do to us. The best products available for the do-it-yourselfer. According to what you deserve. You deserve the best.

Please note "sort of" means "attempt to be".

ShooterSolutions, in NH on September, 1996. Not a "" it started on the internet in spring/summer launch of the same year.) Before this, a business, but operated as a sole-proprietorship.

470 W 2nd St
Sumas, WA, 98295
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History: A few of our early on the "mother" websites were when Shootersolutions was a member of the Web Assurance Bureau, (Shootersolutions was number "68.") Membership costs, and the money and more is going into R & D.

No-Fuss Try-it Guarantee:

All items except solutions carry an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee from date of receipt against commercial defect. Unfortunately only solutions are available anymore. However, free technical support on the solutions is provided. No solutions carries any guarantee because no solution liquid can be returned due to new shipping regulations of HAZMAT items, including but not limited to liquids, and used liquids are not reusable, but with solutions primarily, user results vary. All we ask is you always read and follow the directions and give us the chance to iron out all problems and difficulties first. No product is guaranteed as to results except if the directions are not successfully followed exactly, results will be bad. That is what the solutions are: industrial products. You need to follow the directions. For refund or credit, you will need to call for am RMA. We ask that you have a risk-free trial, so you can see for yourself just how good the products and our support for you getting your desired results are. We want you happy so you will introduce our products and services to others.

Prices Subject to change without notice.
All specials are run until the specials are used up.
All major Credit Cards, Checks and Money order via Mail and now all cards through the newest PayPal via e-mail.

Shooter Solutions accepts directly MasterCard, VISA, Discover and Novus, and AMEX.

For all credit cards by either call the numbers in, or choose secure option and either send in with your encripted order or find another secure way to get the data to Shooter Solutions.

This is not just an online website or store, but Verbal, FAX, and Mail orders are accepted also. In fact, "Send the check or money order in by mail" is an order option. All normal forms of payment except COD and invoice are accepted including credit and debit cards, check and money order, and PayPal by e-mail.

All items have the actual shipping weight value built in, and the order is calculated in advance based on the actual costs to ship from WA, USA to your location. Handling charges are not assessed. Being a taxed zone to WA, the final tax rate is the local rate calculated on both taxed product and shipping for all taxable product. If you owe any local taxes to any State Government outside of Washington, you are responsible for them yourself until all merchants change to the US Governement unified system.

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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