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Brought to you by Shooter Solutions™The Moly-Fusion Kits:

"By Manufacturer selection" of the new and used guns Shooters have used ShooterSolutions' Solutions on.

Bookmark this site. Why? even though specialized professional industrial chemical engineered products are not just for guns, they can do good things for gun care, guns look, performance, longevity, durability, and simplicity to clean up. Also good (working) gun links here, such as gun manufacturers for convenience. However, no direct new or used firearm-guns for sale or otherwise: But professional industrial products with kits and "idiot-proof" directions so you can shoot your guns and see, feel, and experience extreme performance and more from all your guns. Once some of you experience the truth of Shooter Solutions' actually true statements.

Note: Independent researchers (Like DMOZ volunteer editors, Yahoo paid editors, the commercial sniper sites, other directories, some of the best search engines), point to Shooter Solutions at the top of their list, due to what Shooter Solutions chemical products can do for all guns and firearm owners. We are more relevant than a particular search engine, since there is much useful information here. (This is why it is in the top ten independent gun(s) sites World-Wide). We its value will continue to be important.

All about guns:
I am excited about the genius inventions and chemical devices that improve gun performance, looks, function, endurance, and increase in bullet shooting per unit if time!
  • the beginning novice.
  • To the seasoned professional and do-it-yourselfer
    Directions, tips, suggestions, and what not to do to get results in the wrong direction are part and parcel to the performance: products so good, you need the directions in how to use them!Below is a tabulation of many of the guns customers use Shooter Solutions' genius products (Some products are adapted from other manufacturers too)New!As a blast in history, in pre-2000, 4mL Moly-Fusion core Kit was $19.98 and 4mL is just over 1/8 of an ounce, 8mL core kit was $29.98, and 15mL kit was $49.98, 30mL was $79.98, as Moly-Fusion was launched at 49.98 per 1/2 oz, and included only special applicator material and transfer pipets with a double-sealed bottle. The price was then reduced put on sale for a while by doubling the size of the kits for the money, and recently the kits have been doubled in size again for what is now considered by users of the technology as the ultimate sale: now becoming inexpensive: Now there is 4mL of Moly-Fusion in a 1 ounce bottle of Treatment-oil, which includes an instruction booklet, tips and suggestions, flip-top easy to use lid, and a lowly price tag of $5.98! Moly-Fusion power and micro-price.
    Camp Perry
    Moly-Fusion™ still works today, as it did back in 1998. 8-17-01, M1 Custom from L Famiano 2000-2001, MolyFusion and Sweetshooter Firearm last used (extremely well) at Camp Perry, 2001; Testimonial. - Required reading if you own a gun, shoot, or work on guns. - gunmakers, gunsmiths, shooter, etc. (As of 8-17-01.)

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    Below we will sort which new, used, and custom Guns

    by brand and type have been and are used for which applications. Hot links and divisions will be added later for convenience to view more of the actual results, from a gun point of view. (For now you will need to check testimonials).We will make this section really big for the benefit of all: the curious, the beginner, the seasoned veteran, the gunsmith, the master rifle smith, the master hand-gunsmith shooters and prospective shooters of all types and kinds. All customer feedback is important. This section is to be as of 8-20-01 developed as the Customer/Gun/Shooting section of Info Co-op promised. This section will develop over the coming weeks. Customers may edit personal identifiable information as posted in our posted Privacy Policy. Referrals are encouraged.
    Shooter Solutions supports the Military, lawful RKBA, shooting, shooters, pro-guns, and the liberals right to disagree as well as the liberals right to keep and bear arms.
    We are trained gun-loving, "gun-carrying" liberals who appreciate the value of "right overshadows the need to overthrow the conservative." (We encourage all liberals to try things out and think things anew from a try-it method, per the liberal method, as is taught in College, and see how you feel and think about "the other side".) You will see that guns are not evil: neither masculine nor feminine - they are inanimate objects. (They just never activate themselves). As a matter of fact, they can also be fun to shoot (try it before you complain!): not just function.

    There is much positive statistical evidence these days, if you look hard: (You may already know this) concerning the positive net value. (More good than bad, because it is a great "equalizer" - in certain free countries, Shooter Solutions' homeland - the US, being one of them. (This is to be a shooters site with a twist: Industrial Shooters too, as in Problem Solvers.) Or we are a consumer conscience site that sells to industry as well as the novice to professional mix of customers.

    Each day will yield more changes.

    You are also encouraged to try out products for yourself, only if you wish, and also only if you follow the directions, paying particular attention to the warnings.

    For a start, below is a list written from the MolyFusion and the MolyFusion follow-up testimonials.

    Guns and bores:

    Colt Cadet .22 Long Rifle semi automatic on which the slide never did lock back as it should. MolyFusion and Sweetshooter, Bob Whitney Handgun Certifications

    Hall actions developing rust, stopped with MolyFusion (Doc Lizenby, the shooter


    sear / hammer portion (work on) from Ed Masaki, Gunsmith and IPSC competitor: MolyFusion.

    FAL .308 Caliber, MolyFusion on my ... from ...

    Marlin 882SSV's

    (22 Winchester Magnum) Great Results with CLP followed by MolyFusion. (From Todd Perry, OK)

    M1 Custom from L Famiano 2000-2001, MolyFusion and Sweetshooter Firearm last used (extremely well) at Camp Perry Shoot, 2001; Testimonial

    M1 Garand Club Rifle brought back to shoot pleasantly at 100 yards from Doc Lisenby testimonial. MolyFusion and CLP. Used 168 gr Sierra bullets

    VLS 22-250 Varmint Gun
    from Todd, in 1999. Sweetshooter

    -- Top --

    Shilen 29" 300 winchester magnum barrel in Rifle, MolyFusion, Jay Hann. "and prints 0.500" 3 shot groups @ 100 yards consistently. Last weekend my dad and I were busting one gallon water jugs at 500 yards!"

    Weatherby 30-378 caliber guns: excellent results from Scott Doxey, owner of "Trophy Hunter Magazine."

    White Mountain 1 in 66" twist ball barrels - BlackPowder, from Roger S. - Early MolyFusion result: WOW !!!

    Black Powder Harper Ferry
    1855 Harper Ferry. William Large barrel. Black Powder (Wow) from L Famiano, MolyFusion and CLP.

    Sharps Carbine

    1863 Sharps Carbine, Black Powder shooting (Wow) from L Famiano, MolyFusion,.

    .357 Magnum revolver
    after thorough preparation. MolyFusion, Steve T.

    All .45 Caliber ACP:
    • AMT (Arcadia Machine and Tool)
      Purchased my Arcadia Machine and Tool .45 caliber Hardballer Pistol in 82 if memory serves, which were basically series 70 Gold Cups in a matte stainless. Moly-Fusion
    • (4), 1 Colt and 3 Kimber .45 Calibers. -- T.F. Moly-Fusion
    • .45 Caliber Kimbers: We did molyfuse the trigger components, which really smoothed the Kimbers out. Now, they're as smooth as my S70 Gold Cup, which I haven't Molyfused yet; it's the control. After molyfusing the Kimber .45's, they do not feel the same as they did before! Now they feel really smooth, action-wise! The only place we did not Molyfuse was the chamber, as per the instructions. The weapons work so much better now, we are going to have to get stronger recoil springs! -- T.F.

    .50 Caliber BMG High Power Competition:

    Almost 1000 rounds from Brad Stair: 1998-1999 MolyFusion once, retreat a second time. Unusually low wear in the throat. (Pristine is the word).

    All statements are subject to change at will.

    -- Top --

    Gun Control: One person's view on gun control, is being able to hit what you are aiming at, but in all safety. For reference, see here
    Do handguns (as researched for the US) reduce crimes? See what what one man, Professor John Lott, Jr. of Chicago Law School has to say here.
    Please bookmark us before leaving Shooter Solutions to a linked page. Shooter Solutions will develop more in the way of gun and gun manufacturer service-related websites. (As in building up Specials: The Amazing Moly-Fusion Kits:
    - November-22-05

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