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November 4th, 2014

Happy Election Day everyone! Most of the pages, I hope are now back up and running, the back-end website shopping cart and ecommerce database are both individually now functioning, but lacking tie-ins for quantity discounts at the momenent.

The first product set with static pages tied into the existing shopping cart are the to-black Manganese Parkerizing Bottles and individual kits. The rest of the orderable products will be linked in next. It's the first step to "static" order buttons as the old shopping cart used which did not have a dynamic shopping cart. A few of the Gun Bluing items already have "buttons" for direct payment via PayPal, possible due to only flat-rate USPS Priority Mail, and for products not needing a shopping cart, gives "one click access" to your PayPal. The shopping cart is set up for credit card payments and PayPal as two options. The third option that was coded, but not into the shopping cart yet, would be "complete payment later."

October 29th, 2014

As you can probably tell, while this site is under construction, it is actually under reconstruction. Let me explain its history. Since Aprox 2002 it has been living on a Yahoo Storefront sittting in pieces of code. However the Yahoo! storefront has not been updated to accept for secure checkout, it, like so much of the internet is NOT happening as to being mobile friendly, or tablet responsive. Now the framework that sits now is more responsive and Mobile friendly, and in addition, every page spits out as a secure page as the first start for a shopping cart.

The shopping cart will be working soon, upon when it will be usuable I hope for both PayPal and

Moly-Fusion™ product and also services combined together are now coming back after a long hiatus. The reason for Moly-Fusion™ Service is to help bridge-the-gap of what it can do to the real World in which we live. And it will be cheap considering the best product will be used with extreme prejudice, not counting cost of shipping and insurances of course: but no guns or barrels attached to receivers can be recieved, as they can only ship to a licensed FFL dealer / and/or licensed FFL gunsmith to keep it safe. And then shipping and insurance is much more from a gunsmith to you.

I apolgoize for any and all gramattical/spelling errors that will/still may exist amongst the hundreds of pages of code on including and not limited to this page. My words are more about writing than sounding like English as a first language. For example technical thinking can be about putting the concept first rather than the stuff that is not important (as in English) first. e.g. The ball blue is more problem solving than the blue ball.

archives will be added later, since this is a rebuild of making what is better.

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