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04-23-12 11:59 PM
The Clear Coat is up and running, named, and some sizes introductory priced. Laq-Extreme(tm) because it is truly extreme as compared with almost any other product and being water-based thinning and non-explosive sets it apart. It includes pictures of the bottles with retractable mesuring tape for visual reference, and flip-tops
It is not a trivial addition already, and it will only get even better.

04-11-12 6:39 PM
Update on the Shooter Solutions' Clear Coat mentioned in the last post.

  • Pricing will be 1/4 as much by volume for close to the same pricing as that of the Rugged Gun Blue and Stays Black for example 1 oz like 4 ounces, and smaller volumes as follows
  • 1/2 oz will be 6.97, 1 oz will be 9.99, 2 oz will be 14.99, 4 oz will be 24.99 8 oz @ 39.99, 1 Gallon 479.99
  • This means it will be one multiple further behind the oil finishing, so if you want to try it with any kit, then as an option will be 1/2 with a 19.98 or 24.98 Kit, 1 oz with the 8 oz version of the 24.98 Kit, and instead of a quart will be the option of 2 oz and (2) 8 oz, or 4 oz total. for 39.99 kits and above, a third option may be 1/2 and 1/2 with each at 1/2 of the size they would be alone.

04-06-12 1:19 PM
Finally an entry since 2009: Moly-Fusion(tm) in any form is not available right now, though things will change shortly.

but starting next week some time there will be two new products:

  • By popular demand, a powdered concentrate will become available to extend the preparation of 400 series stainless steel to be cold-process gun blue, same product for the final part, wich at the same concentrate can be made a little bit more dilute sometimes, with instructions.
  • at 1/4 the volume of what will otherwise be included as light oil, there will be optional kits that will have a water based, nonflammable super clear coat with respect to corrossion resistance, but will be removable with Acetone and Lacquer thinner as a weakness, but as a positive will be a one-step, self leveling product drying to 1/2 the sitting thickness. Strength and durability will be multipliable by baking, and room-temperature reaction at 3 hours will produce up to a 2H harness, wich is very good for top lacquers, but as explained much harder an more durable to 6H finish will be achievable in that time frame by heat.
    Salt Spray resistance will range from 70 hours to 140 hours and 180 to 400 hours depending on if the concentrate is diluted with water and how much and to what thickness on the properly applied rugged gun and 1 minute minimum thorough as recommended overlflowing water rinse to get rid of left-over liquid and acids between the processes. Even for the best of epoxy lacquers it will produce stunning corrosion resistance against salt water considering how unbelievably thin it can be in the blue setting.
    As to another potential drawback the dried self-levaling is a high gloss result, perfect "as-is" for a brilliantly shiny-already metal.

08-17-09 12:07 AM
Moly-Fusion(tm) Extreme has been out, and is better than Moly-Fusion(tm). It is available now in .1 ounce 3 mL eye dropper bottles at a price that will cost only dollars per treatment.

Or you can send barrels in to Shooter Solutions or another Moly-Fusion(tm) service provider if you can find anyone. If you are a service provider at $69.96 it is a very low introductory price that will not go down under any circumstances., except 20% to sending in proof of FFL or gun maker by US mail. Since it takes a fraction of a mL per barrel interior, for reuse of a wet patch or application material. For doing it DIY, you do the service to your own barrels. For comparative purposes, any service done to a long barrel tends I remember it used to be a minimum of $50.00 not including shipping and insurance to the facility, e.g. Cryogenic treatment, there being no DIY kit for cryogenic treament. And more than one treatment of that does nothing.

08-03-08 1:39 AM
The full Ruger gun barrel video is only at http://youtube.com/users/shootersolutions. Moly-Fusion™ Extreme (The spelling) approximate availability has been posted, it being available shortly. HackerSafe™ certification has been upgraded to McAfee SECURE.

06-15-08 3:32 AM
To all fellow fathers: Happy Father's day today!

The main navigation to the website is now the left hand column, where all the major divisions will reside.

Launching the new Moly-Fusion™ X-treme, will occur at Moly-Fusion™ X-Treme, the product turning metal black will make it industrial in nature.

The new video section idea is taking shape, whereby all new products will be launched by video demonstrations, with a make-up video on using the rugged gun blue on gun barrels as well as Scotty Cameron Putters. The non You-tube videos will reside linkable from Videos. There will be there slow speed dial-up versions designed for lowly 32 kbs download speed, as well as at least on high speed version better than you-tube, and one slower speed for slower high speed internet connections.

06-05-08 4:21 AM
We apologize many Rimfire Technologies items are now of stock, as all focus is on the new Shooter Solutions' products instead, whereas any items are cut-rate, it is possible to make a profit. We apologize for any inconvenience, but Shooter Solutions is not the lowest price source anyway.

06-05-08 4:05 AM
The next video tip maybe, and the next product set will be Moly-Fusion™ Black, which will be directly slippery, and 2 part Black Epoxy, also slippery. The bonding mechanism will be Moly-Fusion™ for maximum adhesion. The first color of the epoxy will be black and remain black only until other colors are added. It like Moly-Fusion™ will be nonstick, but like Moly-Fusion™ Black, will not only be non-stick, but also slippery.

It will be even more important to keep them off of surfaces that cannot be greased, and the concept of both will be to be extremely rugged as in sand paper proof. More information later: as in days rather than weeks from now. Instuctions will be included. Moly-Fusion™1 the next generation.

05-27-08 1:41 AM
The rugged gun blue dip tank high speed howto is now on you tube. A lower phone speed will be placed under videos phone speed = tiny 320x240 video and slow 10 fps so image is viewable for a quick download, video only 20kbs quality for rural phone speed, not in-town phone speed.

04-29-08 12:13 PM
One of the pictures from the art studio noted from 07-07 has been incorporated into the new flash advertisement at Gun Blue along with a picture into this same advertisement from a satisfied customer in the gun section of an "after" representation of a Star 9mm, the metal in accordance with directions, as I did for the Scotty Cameron Putter clip you'll see parked there for the moment. You'll find it and the preparation video and what to do and not to do at Youtube.com/user/Shootersolutions until I add it to ShooterSolutions.com™ later.

04-17-08 07:45 PM
The website order cart now has integrated PayPal, the most advanced (1 click without leaving ShooterSolutions) to go with the other credit card options, not to mention other options.

However, the shipping ordering instructions option is gone, to get the PayPal option added, so I'll need to add a new section for that. Right now it will be under FAQ click on the Winter Shipping which will be updated for being the main instructions and the Ordering FAQ won't exist until later.

04-05-08 09:25 PM
Online at Moly-Fusion is a short intro video, that will begin within 2 minutes on even a phone connection due to it being a short length.

For the gun bluing video I will be adding a Video Page that will have different speed versions, in its case a low resolution video or vice-versa, as it takes forever to begin at good resolution from a phone line. Any video that does not start loading right away on a phone connection due to length/size good-look settings, they will be at the video page.

03-23-08 10:15 PM
If your Adobe Flash viewer is older than version 9, which came out about 2 years ago, here is the upgrade page as of today for your viewer: http://www.adobe.com/shockwave/download/alternates/#fp

03-21-08 10:15 PM
Gun Blue Added web video of owner of Shooter Solutions gun bluing a Scotty Cameron Putter. It is small at the top of the page because it will have its own page where it will be bigger.

This is the first video. The first animated logo animating the molecule and words at Moly-Fusion(tm) at Moly-Fusion(tm)1.

The very first flash testimonial pictures is already at the Gun Blue headquarters page.

Yes, there will be some more bluing of Scotty Cameron Putters and other steel-head club heads at Scotty Cameron price, but will not be cheap due to the intense amount of work that must be done to one. Bluing and oil will begin at $199.95 plus UPS ground shipping to anywhere in the US plus $10.00 or more upgrade to 2nd day via credit card or PayPal. Nylon coat will be extra. But compare that with cheap paint for that price. A separate page for ordering will be placed, and turn around will be snappy, hence 2nd day air UPS.

12-14-07 12:29 PM
"Hacker Safe".

8-4-07 3:31 PM
The legacy degreaser is finaly gone, and starting shipping date tomorrow all kits with degreaser is going to have the new degreaser that is now environmentally friendly, concentrated for good effectiveness, and nontoxic, but now concentrated, not just valuable on its own.

7-21-07 11:29 PM
Good news for the video afficianados. Home Streaming Videography will be added to ShooterSolutions in places to enhance the website and make it pop. The text needs to grow into the US language too, as I understand. However the goals are still the same. And the silly $179.96 price on completed Ruger 10/22 trigger groups filled with Skeeter Parts ends in 2 weeks. Silly because at $179.96 is a great price because it is less then DIY from the sum of all the individual parts with the trigger group, and for $5.00 more - certainly worth $20.00 more, you pick the trigger pull. If your into the Ruger 10/22.

7-20-07 9:39 am
Good news from an art studio. Professional digital pictures will be in eleectronically next week on the concentrated gun blue for the special effect I came up with on brown on blue, guick and good, and their idea of professionally applying - Pressure Pot, airless-type HVLP sprayer - M.L. Cambells Professional Duravar Lacquer - a medium first coat on metal dries in 15-20 minutes, and the second coat melts into the first one, but doesn't affect the base, but more on that later. Caution, Professional Face gear with new chemical cartridges and full gear if necessary required due to the lacquer thinner in the professional lacquer. Free plug for M.L. Cambells, since they are brave enough to have the good stuff - from a job point-of-view.

7-19-07 11:21 PM
Well, this was started before there were blogs, so this is a flashnews page instead. Until I figure out how to turn it into a real blog. One thing that is not in the Ruger 10/22 barrels is the new cut back and rechambered, recrowned, lapped, Moly-Fusion&trad;ed, shot, re-Moly-Fusioned and reshot and for group barrels not in 17HM2, but in 22LR, with a twist: as reviewed, much more accurate against any other 22LR barrel, because it is more bolt-action-like chambered, since non-stick = extractable in the faster-than-bolt-action semi-automatic mode. And the non-stick heat-reflecting barrel interior greatly increases the accuracy over doing the chamber alone. Entry-level Ruger barrels are $179.96 including the $24.96 V-Block. Upgrades like with the 17HM2 barrels will be the same with extra time and options and special barrels with threading requiring 50% down and $50.00 extra for threading which will include complimentary threading protection.

7-19-07 12:17 AM
After a very long pause - sorry about that, this popular page is going to become as serious as everyone wants this to be: with multiple uses throughout the day as is consistant with a blog - or at least more often - thank you for your patience. The newest entry into the fold of new product products is a best-of-its-kind drop-in Ruger 10/22 trigger guard assembly trigger group that has the most crisp trigger pull ever felt, but accessorized to color of trigger and matching extended magazine release, but trigger pull too. And its entry price is low but will go up for all of the options put together are worth way more, and the assembly worth more than the individual parts and more than competing assemblage of inferior parts.

The website has just been cleaned up in appearance and the index page now has all the pages rather than the pitiful former index page of only 50 pages per page.

Long time ago Shootersolutions is licensed in Washington State, and is operating from Washington State, which means all sales to residents of this State are taxed except with FAXED resale certificate and signed statement for each items for resale.

Newest page is a discontinued/discount page, a discontinued item being Sweetshooter, promotional discounted being 4C bare metal prep, and promotional discount the RFT trigger groups.

New Kits from Skeeter have been added at Ruger 1022 with a picture of the deluxe trigger kit, and no picture yet on the adjustable Ruger bedding kits for proprietary reasons. The trigger kits are well reviewed as stellar kits on RimfireCentral.com and the bedding kit is very new with one review in but well designed.

2-06-06 1:00 AM
A new section starting with the beginnings of a page is being forged into the website and Shooter Solutions. It will take the form of 17 Mach 2/.17 hm2/.17hm2 Section from the top left navigation column. The old page .17hmr mentioned below will point to its own section of information.

1-08-06 7:00 PM
The half hour show went off, and now to prove the below, there are links back to Shooter Solutions for more information about the gun bluing segment. The still pictures from the show courtesy Amy Devers for Shooter Solutions' involvement are here is at diynetwork Because of what it is, if the 4C electrically conductive conversion surface was not used, the intent is for it to be used, expecially for folk for easier welding, which a spatter-free metal surface for welding will do. No big apatters = less damage and dents from splatter, less grinding after, much stronger welds to hold up much longer), etc.

An additional person has been added to Shooter Solutions.com in the way of testimonial, feedback, what's new, opinions on guns, cars, trucks, and the main specialty of racing here at Skeeter, logo trademark design by Skeeter27red with credits to the designers - jazzed up by Jonathan of Shooter Solutions and displayed here for skeeter27red's use. Since Skeeter27red an innovative, forward-thinking, open-minded person and business owner, the logo, all facsimile forms, and all future forms are hereby claimed as of 1/8/06 for commercial (for profit for rimfire, as a start) use (Trademark.)
Chief Dave of RFC has affirmed annew in phone conversation and in testimonial on Rimfirecentral.com (making it a current testimonial) that he is still a fan of Moly Fusion&trad; and of this site. In other words old testimonials are still current, in that solutions' chemistry remain as they were.

11-15-05 11:30 PM
Shooter Solutions will be at the end of the show credits for credit for as show airing on the DIY Network called Free Form Furniture - Spectacular DIY designs. On the show of December 6, 2005, early evening and reairing at various times throughout the following week will be a half hour segment on Bar Stools. I am proud to announce that two products of Shooter Solutions' are considered sufficiently DIY: A quart of 4C bare metal prep was far the trial run and final run metal preparation for spatter-free docorative but rugged welding of the square steel tubular for the legs, 4C bare metal prep on top of the welds to save on sandblasting, and DIY Van's Gun Bluing was used on right on top of everything, with a wax, varnish, laquer, or clear coating on top of the easy-to-use DIY Van's Instant gun blueing. Just some of a quart of Van's was needed for a series of Bar Stools, including the learning experience - 1 Quart does quite a bit. Same with the 4C Bare metal prep: working chemistry = efficient. I will add more information as well as a couple of advance pictures of the completed bar stools which show just how nice Easy-to use, non-streaking, non-stink gun bluing patina can look against wood.

10-19-05 2:52 AM
The newest Moly-Fusion™ Kit page is now Moly-Fusion™ DIY Kits which represent the new DIY Engine Treatment Plus Kits (no gun directios), and the improvements are going into the Gun-specific kits too. All families of kits will be referenced from one kits page. Seperate specific pages for Engines and Machine Shop will be developed to go with the divergent families. The nice thing about Engine Kits, is there is more room to talk about engine-specifics, since their does not need to be any information for gun-use (except to get a gun-specific directions.) There is a great deal of work being done behind the scenes for the last several weeks on this, and pictures, results, etc will be developing for the new areas of engine use and to a lesser extent Machine-shop use, since this is the newest area. However, the 1/2 oz. kit is 33% stronger, and since this is carrying over to the gun kit, the directions to it will need to be modified to not use it directly without diluting it by at least 33%. The small gun kits will be priced the same as the engine kits. (smallest gun = 4 cylinder Engine, and mid-size = 6-8 Cylinder engine!) The largest kits go up in price thoough, just like the Engine kits do. $20.00 in today's dollar for the 4 cylinder and $35.00 for the 6-8 cylinder with Free Treatment-oil (Not called Gun Treatment-oil for the Engines Plus) make them of value, since they are very potent. They will also show just how powerful a small to mid-sized gun-specific kit is: and encourage gun-specific people to try a larger engine kit with a valuable gun kit.

08-21-05 12:00 AM
More information on MolyFusion™ that will be happening here soon (in a matter of weeks, not months) as well as enhanced MolyFusion™ for non-gun use, and with appropriate directions. For where it may be advantageous for various gun sliding surfaces, it can alway be cross-ported back. After all, even the gun-specific kits state it is a techology, not a product and for all metal extremely low dynaamic-friction technology is good for, of course not just for guns if that is true.

07-23-05 5:00 PM
For your convenience, for Parkerizing, barrelplugs.html has been added, with complete selection of sizes from 1/32 of an inch up to 10 Gauge Shotgun (Biggest end must be more then 8 tenths of an inch on the "inch" scale. While you can make your own if you want, this is a convenience, and they are good up to 600 degrees F.

05-21-05 1:11 am
ShooterSolutions.com is a technology site first (Industry not consumer) and has nothing whatsoever to do with guns as a guns-specific site (but gun friendly as a point of customer service) because Shooter Solutions is technology first - good enough to get the job completed with as great a degree of satisfaction with the final results as possible for the average user if directions are followed, and also provided the materials are compatable with the product - not for marketing only. Gun-user friendly insofar as guns contain metal and wood (and now composites too.) and require finishes, performance, and cleaning. In other words friendly to every specific trade in the US that needs viral industrial professional strength product just like every DIY person needs: the best of the best. Special-duty products will become a specialty - and the gun/shooting/sporting industry is one group as all groups are seeking the best of the best.
Shooter Solutions was founded in 1996 as a technology company first, and will remain true to the customer base in this regard - its charter and foundation is built on iron-true rules, and the pillars it is built on (service to the professional customer - not a marketing firm) will not be compromised to big business.

05-20-05 1:11 am
My apologies for the following:
Getting up and running after the move has taken additional time - to be fully operational, due to setting up house as well as organizing and replacing lost and broken items as well as personal setup. However there has not been on major mishap, just an assortment of small stuff - like no high speed internet uplink due to the cow country - no DSL, no Cable, just low speed landline. I'm hoping to have this fully functional on Monday, except for final updates and upgrades. Business license has been applied for, so business can be legally conducted in WA. What a pain the WA sales tax system is: literally a table of every town in WA each with its own approved tax percentage to be collected. 6.5% State plus up to 2% additional +/- is significant. So for my customers in WA I apologize, but maybe we can visit now. The 800 in number has been working since early May, depending on how the rural line has been operating, and messages will have to be returned as time allows. Teddy Jacobson re-published on his Blog the nice review of MolyFUSION by the writer Stephen Camp, for firearm use originally published at highpowersandhandguns.com Stephen Camp holding the copywrite, but we can republish it here too, thanks to permission from Stephen.

04-20-05 8:30 am
Notice: Company Shooter Solutions, ShooterSolutions.com will be shut down as to all outgoing stuff: products, e-mail, writing, and phone on April 24th, 2005 at 5:00PM EST until May 9th 10:00 am PST, upon which catch-up with orders will occur over the following 2 weeks relative to May 9th, 2005. The 800 number will remain the same, but NH will be WA, and the local telephone as well as local physical address will change as well. In addition, all orders coming from and shipping to WA from WA as of May 1, 2005 will have to comply with any and all WA State goods and services taxes. Once there, new products and finishes, will begin to be added after backlog of orders are caught up, gradually towards the end of May, beginning of June - at least for samples.

04-12-05 12:30 am
Steve Camp agreed to review MolyFusion for his specialty in an "up or down review" (It it what it is or it is not what is claimed): Hipowers handguns including revolovers, and the review is posted at his website, HipowersandHandguns.com here entitled "What about Moly-Fusion? (Evaluation of Moly-Fusion from Shooter Solutions)". Hipowersandhanguns.com is a very popular website, and Steve was very satisfied with his results for handgun use. I hope you like it.

02-03-05 11:59 pm
Shooter Solutions is still in Derry, NH and has not yet moved. The website will be updated when that happens, since Shooter Solutions is a company, and not just a website. In the near future additional products will be added: including the long awaited assistance in the metal refinishing business, though in the mean time - and as part of the picture is the 4C Metal prep which beats industrial phosphating (by independent EPA testing) as a finish-sticker, and would be a part of any heat, air, and mixed-form of finishing - any individual finishing that is not acid-based coating that is, which rules out using it for Parkerizing or phosphating itself as the final finish. It also is the best welding prep I know of, as to the finish it provides. And of course it beats all welding primers, as it is not a gooey coating on top of the metal. While the least known of all ShooterSolutions' products, it is great in its own right - for what it can do as a preparatory product. As to the Parkerizing/Phosphating, I got one comment for better or for worse from another purchasing agent from a gun manufacturer who would like the company to try it, as he was able to produce a better home parkerizing on a trial sample as to durability than the factory version - though it would be more expensive in 16 gallon lots as what was being used for the solution, because it is designed like all the other products based on results rather than the degree of inexpensive of parts it can be composed of. If you have any questions on our finishes and which ones Shooter Solutions LLC will have, feel free to e-mail or call. Teddy Jacobson and Techshooter add to ChiefDave's writings added to the information section listed on 11-23-04.

11-23-04 3:18 am
It is important to start completely revamping the structure of Shooter Solutions at the same time as beginning to add many more informational pages. There are so many information pages, that at the Left column, I've condensed some popular sections (the most popular) like guns, FAQ into the new INFORMATION page, included is the required (for purchases) end-user-license agreement under "a href="required.html">REQUIRED page. In information, there is a new section People. Where there are sections from people and groups of people, they will be found there.

It has been brought to my attention with an ever growing number of static pages, they need to be much better cross-linked for browsing convenience as well as reading Testimonials, now on the Information page. Specific Testimonial pages will still be called out on Selling Solutions pages.

11-19-04 9:24 am
I'll add an international page that will include a currency converter like below. For International Priority service (Where shipping for priority begins at $15.00 US dollars, the smaller Moly-Fusion Kits that can go flat rate will have an extra 1/2 oz. of Moly-Fusion to give equal value on the high shipping cost. The below is an example I did for $34.98 US to ? Canadian. The results are calculated by Xe.com, and is only an estimate of their average values at the moment, and the exchange value may be different.

9-30-04 4:27PM
O.K. So Canada gets the first review of Moly Fusion™ from GunMuse at the dot ca. You can view it here, entitled Moly Fusion for Firearms. Be the first to check it out and review it. (If noone is supposed to know of .ca, I'll have to delete the reference.) When an individual testifies on Moly Fusion™ it "be a wonderful thing!"

9-29-04 2:20 AM
What to add today: Less then a week ago at the bottom of every page a non-cookie based ranking service: only the highest most ranking (non-intrusive to your computer) ranking services. Privacypolicy is still accurate as of today. (No cookies have been added, but I thought you might not mind knowing you aren't the only one who has visited this page.) New to today, I tried to make the links organized as to which belongs with whom, and not part of Shooter Solutions™ "corporate." I don't know of any of them that add any cookies, but you can check out their privacy policy when you arrive. CASCity: For those who know what a positive endorsement from CAS, SASS shooter Kannada Kidd (MolyFusion™) might mean. (Solutions means making things better, not marketing.) The image below Gunmuse if it doesn't show an image, it is because the server for it gets overloaded during high-traffic times, not a fault with this server.

9-28-04 2:20 AM
Had to fix the hotlink below to work. There is an important review coming on the internet by a highly regarded gun writer in the upcoming days (week) on MolyFUSION use for handgun, revolver, Shotgun action, Shotgun barrel, .223 Varmint, .22-250 Hunting rifle, and even a 101,000 original mile (nothing done on the engine) Chevy. I'm writing based on memory of vebal, so I will update it as info comes in. In any case, this is a major test, and I spent plenty of time talking about uses not mentioned anywhere, as well as its proper use. The inteview continues. It helps the writer is progun, but likes industry as well.

8-26-04 11:21 AM
There may be a quicktime version(s)soon since it is one of only two universal readers, I'm not sure which is more popular - but they both have a following of users. We plan to add a free video full length feature-packed CD with all new kits of certain dollar value on request, including special Documents (Word format) not available on the web - for application instructions, directions, tips, pictures on how-to, etc. This in consideration many customers do not have access to streaming video due to dialups. Updates to the Real Player review earlier included a link to US English Real Players' version of their Privacy Policy, which is important due to their installing cookies and it being such a universal program.

8-22-04 6:55 PM
You can find all reviews now will be linked to further down the page here. That will include reviews and special interests of what you may like, what you may choose, and all the wonderful people who have fed back results of using my products: the good, the bad, and the ugly - And that is how I am going to format my reviews and information, since you can depend there are no banner ads or advertisements on this website, except only the best finishes you can choose from, as you desire. (I'm writing to the customer.) Real Player review is added because I chose the technology for the video clips, and while it is the best, there are some things the owner is fixing in it as we speak. So I felt good in choosing it. And the review idea is a first because of a wonderful amazing shot with rimfire, offhand, 100yards away at an impossible target on a swinging pendulum, with a Ruger 10/17 caliber semi-auto! Moly-FUSION made training more effective (shooting not cleaning), no fouling shot required, no variability in not knowing where the shot would come out of the barrel, and 200 feet per second addition onto velocity = less time in flight and flatter trajectory - inportant when going trough a .44 magnum case to hit the primer. Before that he put a shot through a .22 barrel (!) at 100 yards of the (slightly) smaller .17 round, and shot a .22 hole with a 5-shot group at 100 yards (at a range on a competition day) for a .059" (testified) World Record group.

7-30-04 2:27 AM
I have added new pages for the Mountain Bike Applications, more product pages (sizes), and launched the latest technically improved Moly-Fusion General Directions - Still needs rework from a customer point of view, though. Multiple FAQ pages have been generated: one for every product, including 4C which is itself a big of a global product as the much mentioned Moly-Fusion, but in a different way: from a basic operations point of view. (Commercial, Industrial, Finishing Prep, Welding Prep, Phosphate and Chromate non-toxic replacement - and a general compliment to Moly-Fusion (Areas Moly-Fusion is not well suited for - Moly-Fusion eliminating friction is either not good for everything or overkill from a friction reduction point of view.) The GE Laboratories Welding Study is listed in the tables.

All wholesale of product: international and otherwise will go through Shooter Solutions, but international operations will still be headquarted through Canada for convenience. Only US distribution of the key Shooter Solutions, products will be from the U.S.

Many testimonials on Moly-Fusion are not on the web yet, including from the Kanada Kid - World Class (one of the best) cowboy action shooters and excellent IPSC shooting skills and owner of the shooting range at the World's largest mall. I need to make a mental note to add these into the pages as well as reorganize some of them, and make the ordering pages for Moly-Fusion Kits easier to use (and greatly update the content). However, Moly-Fusion continues to work.

7-6-04 12:57
In addition to the Moly-Fusion opportunity for Canada, we are now opening up the World for both Moly-Fusion and 4C. 4C has been shown to be the only completely conductive rust converter, and can be used for retail, welding, sticking anti-rust-creep undercoat for non-acid, non-conversion topical surfaces, and replace phosphate and chromate - especially for areas of the World where Aluminum Chromate is banned. There is little information of 4C on this website, as Moly-Fusion as a lubricating finish has been a chore. MolyFusion.com since 1998 and then merged back into ShooterSolutions.com since 2001. Shooter Solutions will be moving the office over to Washington State for economic reasons - not due to rejecting industry or people of the US East Coast - but due to the economics of travel. THere is a new special for members of Rimfirecentral.com, and recent sponsorship of 3 shooting championships: ARA State in Indiana, IDPA State in Massachusetts, and ICORE World Championships in California. We will be a contributing sponsor for The Varmint Hunters Association Shooting Jubilee coming up later this month. (Moly-Fusion Kits.) Chief Dave just did one shot one hits videotaped (digirecorded?) with a gun with a Moly-Fusion'ed barrel, 50X scope at 42X, all with .17HMR at 100 yards benchrest. That is some shooting. (1 shot = no kill). Substituting Rolex Watch targets (2) and one .44 Magnum round detonated amonst the targets via 1 shot 1 hit. "FAQ" will be made more robust - with a center page for other categorized pages of info. I presume this section alone will need to be huge, since "FAQ" is always appreciated by those who click on it. As for Moly-Fusion, there are 250 threads at rimfirecentral.com, so I need to glean through every thread for FAQ material, as well as all comunication with all customers over the last 3 years or so. Not just testimonials, but FAQ.

2-13-04 8:37
A new reselling opportunity for Canadian and more involvement even has been given more specific detail support for Moly-Fusion™. If you are interested in participating in reselling or mass-marketing, details are available from the left button "Resellers click here." Moly-Fusion™ is a metal treatment.

12-24-03 8:37
Moly-Fusion is still well written about at rimfirecentral.com, not just for barrels, either.
It is a metal treatment.
Happy Holidays to all, and to all customers, Happy Christmas in particular.

11-06-03 2:49 MGT (As in England)
I did a search on the premier rimfire forum on the internet, not just rimfire, but benchrest rimfire. All the thread using the word "moly" in any manner (icnluding Moly-Fusion and chrome moly barrels and steel) is 73. Of those, 35 individual threads refer to Moly-Fusion in a positive (Used in match guns, Volquartsen, etc or inquisitive light - how to use, etc. I think it is easy to see over the last year at Rimfirecentral.com Moly-Fusion is more talked about then is Moly. It has made Moly "old hat" or "ancient" technology - the difference between powdered (make believe) metal and real metal. Rimfirecentral.com has almost 9,000 registered people, many members, and is a popular site, since there is so much useful information there, and the shooters are very helpful. It is member-supported and run with the help of sponsors. There is more excitement in the quantity of posts their as the rest of the World's forums combined. Although a few excellent threads exist at thehighroad.org (Review of results from on the the senior members who posted on an earlier forum), one at the old thefiringline.com (question, study and review by the senior members), one at czforum.com (administrative year+ long study and review starting on a previous forum, are the other notables. I notice that as time goes on, Moly-Fusion becomes bigger and bigger at Rimfirecentral.com - it helps when the moderators love it to a GREAT degree, along with the brave who have tried it. That experts use it and love it is WITHOUT question. Anyone who goes there knows of this large club, the leaders absolutely love the results, as shown by those 250 scores posted and that .059" group World record breaker (100 yards).

To help sort out the vast network of feedback, a new page here has been added to help those wanting to research what everyone has said about application of products and Shooter Solutions at all of the forums. Only a small portion or sample of the feedback will be there as an introduction, but that small sampling already encompasses many pages and not all of the forum customer feedback and forums are included. Credit is given where credit is due. More feedback will be added so people can see that there is a forum world out there. Many inernet people are unaware there are forums of helpful people.

Because there have been many testimonials not here, there has been a new rimfirecentral section in the forum testimonials. You can dig down from the main testimonials or main Moly-Fusion testimonials page, or you can click on this newest page here


  • Moly-Fusion treatment oil will be as follows: $4.97 for 1 ounce, $8.97 for 2 ounces, $17.97 for 4 ounces, $24.97 for 8 ounce bottles (Auto engine or Machine-shop sized bottles, $79.98 for 1 Quart. $249.97 per gallon. Imagine what a gallon could do. One Quart will be composed of about 3.8 ounces of Moly-Fusion, and will be sufficient to treat at least 3-4 big block automobile engines through oil and fuel. 1 ounce at a time will treat Automatic transmission for less rolling resistance. It has reacted with 2-cycle engines and lawn mower engines. Right now, small bottles are only available free with kits, but the decision has been made to beef them up and offer them in the near future.
  • Close to more testing is a designed expensive but powerful true high-temperature water-insensitive high percentage Moly-Fusion grease, which will be aproximately the same price (80%, aproximately - it is powerful and contains NO lead or copper) as the Moly-Fusion paste. Pre-Moly-Fusion treatment will be good, but not required.
  • In addition to rimfirecentral.com, Shooter Solutions is now a sponsor of GLocktalk.com. Now to see how/wheter Moly-Fusion performs with select Glock firearms. They are uniquely different then all the other handguns Moly-FUsion has been used for. The proof will be on factory parts in new and used condition, complete with factory treatment, not after-market parts, but I have no Glocks at this time - though I like the high technology thrust.

Processsing time to fulfill orders is running at 4-10 business days. Sincerest apologies to anyone who has had to wait one iota too long.

8-25-03, adding Commercial results of Moly-Fusion™.

  • BHP copper operation in Queensland, Australia
    This was an advanced production study on Moly-Fusion-treated mold and copper pouring.
    Result of early version of Moly-Fusion showed after 100,000 operations of pouring and cleaning, and one re-treatment at 50,000 cycles showed near-new condition after what should have been absolute end-of-life at 100,000 cycles. Easier cleaning during the life test, which took months to complete was a positive factor. Since BHP shut down the operation as not within the new business plan, the positive results did not facilitate larger purchase. Time frame is 1998. Projected ongoing cost savings as well as unknown extension of mold life (but positive) would be significant, as less cleaning of molds, finer results (less sticking to the mold) easy drop-out of items from the mold (time) would be icing on the cake to longer life of the mold.
  • A Steel Processing Plant, (Jorgensen) in the mid-USA.
    Bandsaw blades treated worked three times longer and feed rate for cutting steel could be increased, due to the reduction in friction. At the faster cut rate and treatment, the stress of cutting limited the extension of life to a factor of three before the blades broke from vibration. Mechanical improvements would be necessary for maximum extension, but 3X life would translate to huge savings in daily blade purchases, as well as more production from each band saw machine possible per hour. The desire was for easier to apply Moly-Fusion, but the operation showed Moly-Fusion to be a success. Implementation would be a management decision: hopefully a "no-brainer". This was an old test. This will be "hopefully" become a trend.
  • Currently used in another commercial study in California, US, - see 7/31/03 - but should be even better than life testing done in the Los Angeles area years ago: one application mentioned is one cutting bit extending its life from one operation on titanium blank to 3 operations. Since the bit was a $160.00 bit, this would be a large payback for the life extension of the bit, as well as better production due to early elimination of galling of the titanium onto the friction surfaces of the bit. The significance of this was a customer liked it so much for his handgun, he heard about a problem in the machine shop, and introduced some of his kit-Moly-Fusion to the operator through a manager to save what would have been a ruined piece of titanium. The results he then put in a couple of forums, (RimfireCentral.com comes to mind.) as this was an eye-witness account for something other than guns for Moly-Fusion™ use.
  • Many tests for drill bit life extension for drilling through stainless steel, etc, not mentioned in bullets.

Update. It will be necessary to backfill the important information not on this page. Here are a few items: A few days ago, there was an important feedback on Moly-Fusion at the number one independent feedback site for Moly-Fusion to date: Rimfirecentral.com This is where Chief Dave posted his original results, Ken form NH posted results, (All firearm use), many of the original threads including Chief Daves' results aren't in view anymore, but there is "fair use" under the end-user license agreement for it. Scott of Volquartsen has stated good things about it, and perhaps he will use it in his guns, provided he will agree to the end-user license agreement. Because the product is so powerful, he can buy it retail and use it, but the end-user license remains in force, even if not upheld by the user. It spells out commercial as well as noncommercial use. Some companies are afraid to give publicity to what they are doing, just on principle. (He only needs to acknowledge its' use to purchase it in volume.) As an aside, 4 ounces should treat between two and four hundred small caliber rifles or air guns. Even at retail for a 4 ounce kit, $2.00 to $4.00 to treat the bore or other key components of a $1500.00 or so firearm to perform much better out of the box is not much, should the improvement be desired to be "designed in" by the engineers. At gallon license-purchases, cost to improve becomes even less as far as raw dollar. For a small manufacturer, 4 ounces is a large-scale purchase. Compare it with gallons (literally) of anything else, and see how little the end-user license is in cost, considering there are no back-end fees except simple acknowledgement. I hope improving a product (For any manufacturer) is a good thing, if cost is minimal, and there is only a willingness to give credit to the technology that makes it possible. I think it is a small cost if any company will make thousands or more on savings or performance improvement to give a simple acknowledgement when the time is right. Jimmy states that a small amount of it to treat a machining bit ($160.00 throw-away item) cause it to last 3 times longer, and do what it couldn't do before from a precision point of view. The amount needed was a fraction of a 1/2 ounce, or about $320.00 saved for $2.00 use, which is what is predicted for machine shop usage (99:1 or more payback normal).

The 15% off has expired, but the special of $19.98 for a 1/2 ounce kit remains. It will maybe never go back to $50.00 even though it is great to use at that price, when 1/2 ounce will treat many firearms! as machine shop use is encouraged by lower cost/ounce of concentrate.

Special of additional "15% off" for Moly-Fusion Kits and Arrow Wood Finish has been reinstated at www.rimfirecentral.com under Sponsors announcement, techshooter.
THe reason is the best of what's new on Moly-Fusion from the last few weeks resides there at the moment, and the membership needs to be rewarded.
Some of the most compelling testimonials on Moly-Fusion and information is now there, courtesy of long hours of hard work between techshooter together with the RimFire regulars who have tried Moly-Fusion, and like what it does and all its properties. Some of that info will be ported, but it is a live sight. Shooter Solutions is still a sponsor. You have to enter the forums, click into the correct forum, and follow the directions, and be a member for the extra 15% discount on top of the current "ridiculous 75% more" sale. The sale and kits are subject to change as time goes on.

Also thefiringline.com members - some of them stood behind Moly-Fusion™ also, in the Hogan's Alley Handgun forum: to get there you need to look at the December posts in that forum to see the testimonials their. Their is czforum.com in the feedback section, and more. Shooter Solutions is seeing favorable reactions amongst the internet. Stay tuned for more. We are very proud of the performance of Moly-Fusion™. It is so much more convenient than all the hours spent massaging and cleaning afterwards that silly things like MsMoly and Moly-Disulphide powder pinged into the bullets require, and the nasty fouling that still needs to be removed. Better to get the increase in accuracy simple and quick with break-in of a metal treatment that makes the bore metal a superior type of anti-friction steel. Gun use is only a tiny use for it, but an important proving ground, for it shows an industrial application for it at the forefront of technology.

Special of additional "15% off" for Moly-Fusion Kits and Arrow Wood Finish as requested is now active for the RimFire member community for a limited time to help compensate for membership.

You can now find information on Moly-Fusion and ask questions about it in appropriate places like Moly-Fusion at RimfireCentral.com, since Shooter Solutions is now a sponsor. You will find a hot link for it in the links section.

A whole bunch of new pages have been added with the Moly-Fusion™ Testimonials Page and the Moly-Fusion Home page for the spring boards. This includes testimonials, studies, and tips and updates to directions.

All new pages are posted at the bottom of the respective pages:
You will need to scroll down to see them.

A Press Section has been added. Special attention to - product feature - article.
- It is well written.

New Moly-Fusion Kit pictures, including ingredient exploded view, is now posted on
MolyFusion(tm) Kits. As the testimonials indicate, we have more, more powerful, for little money compared with what it does.

Five Page testimonial in relation to the below.

One week later in Northern NH: The paste and oil combination in 9mm Walther Handgun after shooting and before cleaning, does not seem to have hardly anything in there: it appears to be barely fired: a success. Care taken not to treat the chamber of it, for that would be a bad thing.

Note: Based on the last 7 days of data, it appears the new kit is something all existing customers will want when they reorder or IMMEDIATELY to supplement their existing kit. It appears to be CLEARLY 10 times better minimum, and probably 100 times better.
All kits on order already over the last several days (and held for the multi-fold times improvement) will be upgraded to the better technology before they go out. Recent Purchasers will get a 20% discount-upgrade price. (Up-front in return for feedback before and after).

New shooting tests performed locally today, in Northern NH shows that Moly-Fusion the Paste followed with Moly-Fusion Oil concentrate "maintenance" has treated the FAL bore so after 400 rounds, accuracy did NOT tail-off. Before, after 10-20 NATO rounds there was fouling, and now after 400 rounds there was no more fouling than could be wiped out with a dry patch - the dry patch also being fairly clean.
On new, precision, uncleaned 10/22 barrels, there was NO appreciable fouling of any kind in the bore after shooting.
The bore that was previously treated with Moly-Fusion best water base and milder oil, retreated with the paste and oil performed identical to the other bore tested with only the latest and strongest paste and oil newly available.
Further testing will determine velocity and ballistics.
Shooting seems to confirm the "acid tests" of 10-01-02 as to the best two products.
It is important to note the website will be updated shortly as to Product Mix, New Kit Versions and possibly lower pricing for more expensive versions, and new information coming in as to engine use. Check out Moly-Fusion Testimonials for updates coming in.
We are presenting this from an engineering point of view rather than a marketing point of view, so you can get the most bang for the buck for what you get, for those who want to, that is.
See also 10-01-02

In tests performed, Versions based on the Moly-Fusion Paste are showing good promise. Full strength is the best, and beats all MF products tested - casual testing for hydrocloric Acid etch, with a 400 percent two-cycle concentrate version - as a concentrate, it is not two-cycle oil - not far from the mix, shouting distance, that is, and better than a couple water-based versions for 31.7 percent acid concentration (Considering MolyFusion Paste is MANY times more expensive - the most expensive version to produce). The concentrate mentioned is made from the Paste.

Shooter Solutions will make the most super-conentrate version of the Moly-Fusion Oil available as a concentrate with directions on how to make more dilute versions of it r other than direct application. This should beging to take place on a limited basis immediately, and larger scale (By Quarts, Gallons and cases of gallons in the upcoming weeks by popular demand.) It will be inexpensive for a concentrate - less expensive due to being much less than a 100% Moly-Fusion).


A testimonial should be coming in from Ross concerning what Moly-Fusion with Nano-lube will do for a new barrel - what it has done for his FAL with non-chrome lined, "kit" "junk" barrel and a 10-22 bull barrel:
1. In the FAL barrel it has done already maybe all it will ever do to it:
Fouling is eliminated as far as Carbon
Fouling is vertually eliminated as far as copper.
Accuracy go away has not improved, because the little volume of fouling that does take place is taking place in the worst spot: near the crown between the land and groove.
This testimonial section will be removed in a few days for the appropriate section
It reduced carbon fouling almost 100 percent. It is tough to get the barrel clean for treatment, and the small bit of copper that is in the barrel now is not easy to remove - but visually is shows what Moly-Fusion technology will do to a good barrel - Ross thinks this may be why some copper is still imbedding in, but the performance increase in carbon anti-fouling is without question. His shooting partner, Ken - after shooting, also familiar with the FAL, stated it should require 5 wet patches to clean, followed by a bore snake to polish-clean the carbon. Without the 5 patches, going to the bore shake directly, there was only a bit of residue at the beginning, and the patch dragged behind the snake was perfectly white. Apparently 99+% reduction in fouling, and pitted barrel gives 2 - 2.5 inch groups at 100 yards non bench-rest, 20 shot group, deviation round to rounds, NATO: up to 600 fps as measured by Oeler Printing Chronograph.

With 10-22 barrel, after shooting lead, one dry patch removed alot of "black" - unusual for a dry patch. Only one wet patch was needed, not the usual two, and fouling was significantly less. Patch runs through extremely more "slicker" than usual in both treated bores. No color change took place in the 10-22, so it is presumed treatment was not complete in it.

In remembrance of one year ago, the background image is a portion of an American Flag. Thoughts have been added to the home page also in remembrance.

With regard to 9-05-02, check on this in about 2 weeks.

All Moly-Fusion™ Kits, and more will be based off of the most powerful of the anti-friction versions, which includes the Nano-Lube™ because it is also the easiest to make, because the other versions are created using this technology. This includes the new Moly-Fusion Oil and concentrates, the upcoming high-density and medium density Moly-Fusion Grease, and the 2-Cycle Oil.

While one of the earliest version is still be available, the in-between version may become limited supply, or only available as special order.

There is a demand for retail of Moly-Fusion&trade kits, but more importantly versions of the Moly-Fusion.

8-01-02 Check here for 2-Cycle Oil, Moly-Fusion Oil, and greases and oil additives based on the Moly-Fusion™ product.

Compare it with other two-cycle oils.
A version of it may even be named "2-Cycle Engine Treatment with Moly-Fusion™" or "2-Cycle Oil with Moly-Fusion™" or something like that.
If Jeff becomes directly involved, as he did with another product, he may even be the key "Global" point man on distribution of it.
It is being made better (for example, instead of having No Molybdenum, it will have more than the original). The base product must be superior as well, since the goal is to have a qualified oil withMoly-Fusion™ - it must be better.
The core products from the Moly-Fusion and version of the two cycle oil may be available for the best non-exclusive licensing agreements.

Corrosion resistance of the MolyFusion-Slick is very good and easier to get the resistance. The jury is still out on wear-resistance, but the Molybdenum reaction portion of it (the design) is far superior. For wear resistance in an action, it looks like a grease formulation of it is in order to compete with the glycol base of the current MolyFusion. Work in the bore seems to be good. It isn't available for sale yet (Only free for customers buying the current version), but will be offered for sale when its comparisons with the current strong version is completed (when the jury is in). On the 4C for Parkerizing and Bluing, the jury is good on it. However on hardened steel like bolts, it is not known if 100% of it comes out, which would affect wear-time to bare metal, whether it will cause "back-out" and what the new torque specs would be, provided it is safe to use for it (unless a hot grease is soaked into the obviously heavier Parkerizing to get the same results). 4C makes the Parkering noticeably heavier, which should help with absorption of wear resistance and oil protection. It will for sure eliminate brown rust appearing at a later time.
MolyFusion-Slick will be available in other versions and formulations for maximum impact on the market. The two MolyFusion and the two 4C versions are core product of extreme quality. 4C Lite will be available soon for Galvanized (A Plated surface). It powerfully removes all visible white rust, without damage to the Galvazize portion, and provides a good, rust-free and moisture-free base for epoxy and paint variants.

We have added new information on 4C™ which include maximum time to let it react (It will overreact to visually appearance, and will penetrate too far for simple follow-up processes like cold bluing that needs to penetrate.
We are running full page ads that aren't perfect, but show full borescope pictures as to how MolyFusion-treated bores reject fouling 100% of it, but looks optically clear at lighted magnification.
the ads will get better of course, with professional input. (We had to put them together with our own art department, and there were minor imperfections). Shootersolutions is running full page ads to help support the shooting industry, since larger businesses is cutting back there support of the shooting industry. (Due to the economic times). The 800 number is back in service.

The new product mentioned for 01-14-02 has a 15% higher retail price than quoted, but is on sale for less than quoted for the 4 ounce and 8 ounce sizes. The quoted retail for gallon is a special price only, not retail. It is called "4C™" and stands for "Completely Conductive Conversion Coating". MolyFusion™ is only getting better, and it's discount pricing is coninuing. In addition to the sale price, additional is included free with each order, and will continue, until stated otherwise.


New items to incorporate updated parkerizing kits and more: Low step metal prep products to enhance phosphate and oil (parkerizing) preparation, bluing preparation (instead of caustic soda/ cleaner prep in hot-bluing-black-oxide and final degreasing before cold bluing (Anybody's cold, warm, and hot bluing (some call it blueing) and hot (270 degrees) black oxide.
MolyFusion is now classified better as a metal prep (there is some confusion as to it being a final finish, which it is not). Albeit a revolution metal prep, so good, and anti-corrosive to salt and sea water, high tmeperature, and lubricating with a lubricant, that is is confused.) It makes the metal "better", more rugged, resistant to "abrasion" wear, and Molybdenum heat reflecting, and to a very thin level (two angstroms): makes it harder.
On the low step metal prep it has more uses (reference to gallons of use) than the MolyFusion, because it has a narrower "focus".

New item add, Parkerizing Kits 1/2 size parkerizing kit for the heavy duty version, complete with all the options and "fixins"

New page add, Rifle manufacturers added to guns, for customer reference. Just started, but added Brad Stair, and his company Performance Guns.

Word in we will get professional pictures of WWII knife heirloom restoration using Van's Instant Gun Blue (One of the "miracle products") as a final step from a knife-maker-restorer, the only blue that works on old steel, and safe for brass, "and it has been around forever". "It is just right." "Strong enough to do the job perfectly, and mild enough to not damage." "He promised he would do the job for me if I got more of this bluing for him." "I found your company name and phone number from a local gun shop."(2nd hand quotes from the knife man). Quotes are contemporaneous from a conversation just minutes ago. The short of it: We (All of us) will have professional photos of the finished, restored heirloom (without damage to value) (hoping for before pictures, if not too late, written interest story (will be copyrighted by the writer(s) and photographer, but publishable on these pages with full credit, this webmaster is told).

Due to popular demand, the 4mL free MolyFusion bottles for the named kit has been replaced with 8mL MolyFusion bottle, more than half filled (5-6mL). This until new ones arrive. This is the first time these kits have been so popular (Giving them away free helps).

Predator Xtreme will be carrying a press release on the MolyFusion in January February issue due to "preponderance of the evidence". (A Legal term).
In addition, we have a new page, Handgun Manufacturers added to guns, for customer reference on 10/22/01.

Notice: Shooter Solutions will be adding gun related websites for the customer. Which ones first will be by popular demand. Their will be an attribute to Shooter Solutions so the cost of serving will be deductible as an operating expense.

NRA partnership at NRA donation page is 8-21-01/8-27-01/10-16-01/ with more to be added later as this develops, and it is decided which NRA foundation(s) may the popular choice(s) of customers who will wish to donate Shooter Solutions' money to, if any (including 2nd Amendment and their good charitable foundations. On the bottom of the GUNS page is an alert from the NRA, and an alert concerning the pilots on the GOA page. To view click on any GUNS link, and scroll to the bottom of the page. If you haven't seen it, you want to click there. For questions on do legal handguns reduce crimes? See what Professor John Lott, Jr. of Chicago Law School has to say here.

Thoughts to be "bulletized" for readability.
(It needs proper thought organization):
8-27-01 is the date of implementation of the idea of 8-21-01. Today, after CEO of Shooter Solutions talks with NRA, it is time to elaborate. Shooter Solutions is continuing to launch this new idea without use of the NRA logo since it is trademark National Rifle Association. The program is in addition to the NRA Round-up program with an important change for on-line usage, but does not replace a important valuable program NRA supporters like. It is a way to give generously to the NRA. It should be just as handy to designate 5% of the purchase price being spent already by the shooter. The corporation wins, for it is not money lost. It goes to a good cause. Shooter Solutions predicts more money can go to the NRA per individual, because Customers will have the option to give dollars online, rather than dimes over the phone: the original pre-internet idea. This works great for a products oriented company, where the average sale is $40.00 or more for example, for now the donation is $4.00 or more, rather than pennies. Customers will appreciate this also. (This goes with an age-old concept that dollars are better than dimes). Corporate contribution to any of a number of great NRA Foundation areas are tax deductible, and contribution to the 2nd Amendment Support, or similar foundation is deductible as a marketing strategy. Corporations are allowed to deduct this sort of contribution / expense. The customer will feel good about the company. Customer good will can't be bought: it is priceless. Either or both levels of contribution are good regardless of Corporate political giving. Customers win because they can designate money they have to spend anyway to the NRA. The Corporation can designate choice to the Customer as to which he wants, and what the board of directors will allow. With a licensing agreement with the NRA, the Corporation (Shooter Solutions, LLC being the first) can use the NRA logo provided a marketing contract with the NRA is in place. Shooter Solutions reasons it is an advertising expense or charitable contribution as the case may be, in return for value received. From the customer point of view this new program would be a powerful statement of support of the ideals and dreams of like-minded individuals. Corporations, after all are individuals too, in the view of our Government organizations. Members of the NRA appreciate courageous stances, and are supporters of the NRA. The founder of Shooter Solutions expects (in a forward thinking estimate this to surpass the "Round-up" program in giving at least 10 to 1. Sort of a "Round-up" program on steroids. Corporate giving to the NRA is well worth it, since they are such a great cause. "Round-up" program refers to National Rifle Association's program. In conclusion, this is a good idea for all like-minded people.

Press release, articles, and more will be coming from magazines, after acceptance of news press release by Predator Extreme for their January issue, 2001. Shooter Solutions held back on all print media for 2.5 years for continued customer testing. As demonstrated by Lou Famiano, PHD Purdue University, highly decorated, a former combat Marine, educator, and skilled high-power shooter, black-powder distance shooting, and shooting teacher. Professionals agree it is better to wait with such terrific products rather than rush to major press too soon. For those who will hear first from Mainstream shooting press: Sorry: it has been on the Internet: just not well written for the non-PHD. (SEE, FEEL, TASTE). To all the customers who return feedback for the betterment of all: Thanks a bunch!!(You have to check the testimonials for customer independent words and testimony on the left hand side).

Expanding MolyFusion™ give-away. It is continuing as-is, one day at a time.
Eliminated industrial background: I have a hard time reading the text through all the lines - So off with the image for now!
Shooter Solutions has received 5-full-star rating for customer service from Yahoo! Wow! Thanks customers! (Each customer is the boss!) Lowest rating is no stars, second highest rating is 4 and a half stars!
All Shooter Solutions!

Added Infamy! page, to address September 11, 2001.

Samples of the some of the new Resin products will be available soon: samples of the resin and maybe samples coupons with the Resin on them, effective immediately.

Added new page, resin.html linked at finishes section.

Shooter Solutions will become Shooter Solutions LLC later this year. CEO stays the same. Also the finishes we are adding will be a low cost one of greater performance per coating then Brownell's version. A higher cost one will be added that is superior in every way to every other finish on the marketplace, including near-zero VOC per gallon by weight (1% or less of the best that is out there now). It will also beat in performance anything that is out there now.

1. Louis Famiano will send more information in for his fellow shooters and other of technical persuasion in the next two weeks.

2. The new finishing line is coming along great. There will be a variety depending on performance, price, color, and durability requirements. It will be similar to the MolyFusion kits: lowest cost kits will be under $20.00 also. You will find the latest summary from the finishes page.

This line will get its own line of pages. This particular line is all slow reacting two-part epoxy. VOC (toxin) content is a low 1 part per liter, not the 200-300 part per liter that others are. It is water(!) based. Room temperature operation. Room temperature (!) cured. Because you mix it yourself, you will have control as to its strength per thickness ratio. It will spay a minimum of .5 mils (thousandths for the novice)to a maximum or 3.5 mils per spray. (very thin) If you want thicker applications (6-7 mils), then up to three applications, allowing it to dry in-between will be required. To make it "idiot-proof" it is formulated to be self-leveling, with no solids to "clump" It will require an inexpensive hobbyist grade powered sprayer. It is not going to be available in aerosol cans, for they don't work too good.

8-27-01. The guns page refers to NRA 5% hot link page. We have our first click test of it (our own!)Other links are created, but not installed yet. We will add links for people's favorite charities, if we are agreeable. More links will be created (e.g. for primary free sources of current "from the firing line" or "field" info, like our customers) as appropriate. Thank you for everyone's input.

8-22-01. Our priorities for "fine-tuning": 1. MolyFusion. However, the products work fine with the full directions within the kits that you get. I just need to get this onto the Internet. Please give me a few business days to make the progress on this task. 90% of content is restored, plus more added and updated. 2. Sweetshooter will follow next. Then 3. more on the Parkerizing. 4. Bluing, 5. Wood Finish. Site-work is coinciding with 5% program below, so things will take time to fully "gel." Comments as always - appreciated.

New 8-21-01

1. This is a new section, presented in a form to give chronological archived information. We appreciate all correspondence and communication.
2. Instituting 5% links soon so when you purchase, you can elect 5% to your group of choice: yourself or your friend that has a testimonial and hasn't lost it due to SPAM or misuse; NRA, and their related if they accept; GOA; etc. To have a link will require permission on the part of the receiver, and agreement with terms and conditions, including Corporate privilege to revoke for cause or for without reason..
This is our first public mention of this. 3. Shootersolutions, NH is selling out soon to Shooter Solutions, LLC, NV: but will remain under the same leadership. No effect to the customer..
4. Check out referrals coming in, as highlighted on our home page (click on the "ShooterSolutions" logo at top or "Home" on the side. These are really great..
5. New spray-on beats all others, as all our "chemicals" do: they are more than chemicals, including the big gunsmith supply houses. The heaviest-wearing one will not be available in true-black (color range to charcoal black only) due to the amount of Moly it needs to perform correctly (Be super-thin and "not wear") It combines many properties, is very expensive to make, but like the MolyFusion will be available in ultra low-cost effective kits that will perform terrific on small projects. It combines epoxy, water based, and more. We customize our own formulations so they beat all others, including all known commercial and industrial that we know of (Our goal). In turn, we market to industry: we just are not going to forget our roots: the shooter industry; our original goals. This needs to be preserved under the new form: ForeverSemper Fi!just like the Marines! (P.S. the founder desired to be sworn-in as a Marine September/October/1975 in Boston, MA, but was rejected due to flat feet, and the Viet Nam war had ended. 6. We shall cooperate fully with all magazines, publishers, whether in print or on-line to provide current and relevant content: the targeted combination of gun, shooting, sports, and also the industry, manufacturing, and professional markets, in a win-win situation.
7. Press Releases will be in its own section.

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