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Pictured is the Imbel rifle refinished with Shooter Solutions™ Best.

Once you see how a FAL shoots for the money, you are hooked

The one product raved about the most on the FAL Files Forums, is the heavy-duty Parkerizing, because it is so much better then Brownell's, and has been reviewed consistently as the very best of the breed to get the best look and performance from your FAL project and completed kit. The results are reportedly more dense (more to it) blacker (For the Manganese) and more corrosion proof, due to the nickel. It is much heavier, and of course is more expensive then home brew, because it is not iron phosphate. But don't take my word for it, see what is said:

DeMarcus June 28 2004
I loved the Park kit. More expensive than Brownells. However, after seeing an Imbel rifle done with Shooters Solutions, I had to go with it.
This is my 2nd build. The 1st was a custom tricked-out job. This time, I wanted to try to make an Imbel look new again.

jrocketka March 09, 2003 12:05
Truth be told, the stuff from shooters solution rules, a bro did his fal and I did my mauser 98 and it was simple (providing you have the equipment.) The parkerizing worked in a matter of minutes and was even and very black and continued to go darker for about a week. The stuff worth the $ . My bro treated his barrel with the moly-fusion and after 100 NATO rounds it took 3 swabs and the barrel was clean. A word of advice: Don't use this stuff on the bolt carrier and slides - it reduces the friction so greatly that upon firing the bolt cycles so fast your gonna get a stove pipe. Trust me!

Deltaten Curio & Relic, March 09, 2003
I just went thru the same conversations and e-mail w/Jon about this same thing. Seems that the reduction in friction is so great that most weps will require a buffer and/or a heavier spring.


GIshooter Feb 03, 2003:
I just used the shooter solutions dark manganese kit this past week. I parkerized a bunch of Garand parts and they came out perfect. I've never parkerized anything before. It was damned quick too. Less than five minutes for a stripped Garand receiver. The other parts were done even faster. They turned out a nice even greyish black. It looked like a match to my new DSA type II receiver when held side by side. In fact the finish was a dead ringer for the finish on a brand new out of the wrap 1950 Springfield Garand barrel I'll definitely be using the same solution for my parts kit this week. Prep all the parts properly and you will be pleased with the results.

Olephart Feb 03, 2003:
Mr. Doege,
Some people seem to be saying that your mag solution results in a darker finish than Brownell's mag.

Shooters Solutions makes a very nice product..... My parts turned a beautiful dark charcoal color,enough to match my newest STG from DSA( that's NEW and unused...) I used the mag park and will try the Zinc at a later time just to see how it works.... very good results from a Novice, means a very good product...


Heres one:

"Ebay" Parkerizing Kits any good?!?! (Name adventec)

Are these parkerizing kits on ebay any good? I'm thinking of trying it out on a kit, but don't want to waste my hard earned cash-o-la.

gsmart January 27, 2002:
ABSOULTELY DO NOT BUY THIS KIT!!!!! They ... and their customer service is even worse than their chemicals. They are NOT mil-spec as they claim and they flatly do not work. Do a search on them and you will find SEVERAL references to their poor product. [INTERNET FAL FILE FEEDBACK - also there was a previous name] Buy the shooters solutions mixes. You will NOT be disappointed and I guarantee you WILL be mad at these people.

blackbird August 29, 2002:
Tried adventec and it is absolute trash...

gsmart August 27, 2002:
Actually it was manganese phosphate. Slip of the fingers. The parts I parked in the second (hotter) batch were virgin parts (not re-parked from the first) As noted they came out the same. I am beginning to think that something in the solution was the problem. The parts never stopped bubbling even after as much as 30 minutes. Too weak? It was mixed per their instructions. I'm thinking about buying some Shooters Solutions mix and trying again after re-blasting these parts. Everyone seems to like them. The big question in my mind is why didn't it "stick"?

Um, according to others, Adventec is NOT truly Parkerizing?

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