Today's update October 2013: Thanks for the kind feedback and support.

Here is something that takes love but true: Here's what would be the faith part, July 21 07 on the death of a son as mentioned in ordering instructions and delays. Not at all trivial as death at an early age is not expected - one whom desired good. It’s a class no Dad will ever sign up for of one's own volition. And that's being dark humor about it since it is tough. Some scoop on the lack of chatter at Shooter Solutions' for a while. Grieving - or getting through the tough stuff, as well as making decisions.

Circumstances: not only a son, not only the oldest son but the only one. That is pretty troubling, and takes faith as to where he is to get through. Walking through the well, what feels like tough stuff. For awhile there was a notice in the ordering instructions of a son's death, with getting orders out immediately was shaken a bit as the norm. And no, faith in what is true is not broken, but there is a feeling, from what there will be no more birthdays. Son is in good hands, would now be 17 and was hit by a vehicle as a walking pedestrian at 16 just a while ago. Hey, not going to discuss much publicly, but thank you for all received: understanding, patience, faith, prayers, and good will, presented in the mean while.


Faith is if you tell people truth, the whole truth, (as in not making it appear all testimonials are current) and no lies, that important enough sales will happen anyway. And if the truth seems to be hype because it is described in descriptive fashion (as in telling the truth), keep in mind it is possible for there to be a few products that work.

That when sales do happen, faith is faith in the customer will turn into satisfaction with the product followed by letting others know the good news that something can work as stated.

That all products must be designed from the DIY perspective: it must work. It must be over-designed from a commercial perspective, because it must work for the DIY'er as a stand-alone product.

Corporations whose heads talk about their faith

The reason for the last season is Jesus.
That "Christ" is the reason for Christmas.

Each seasons' happy Holiday for whom, as it is many places, to quote Charles Dickens A Christmas Story Merry Christmas!

Being truly a "Christian" by definition of faith is a 24 hour a day, 7 day a week commitment - not just on Sunday.

Knowing the future is good when one dies due to a free unspeakable undeserved gift means having love, compassion, and tenderness in one's heart in this season.

Here was a plug last year for


PS, thanks for those who appreciate extreme boldness "to speak from the soul."

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