CZ-75 Pistol Hand Gun

CZ-75 Pistol Hand Gun

CZ-75 Pistol

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The Good. The Bad. The review. By Teddy Jacobson 2004 This is a very popular pistol that is priced right, they wholesale for about $300.00 . I have worked on quite a few of them through the years. My customers like them and it is a very popular handgun that is used in Israel. The original CZ is made in the Czech Republic and has some type of baked epoxy finish. The CZ clones are made by Tanfolio in Italy.

It is not an easy handgun to work on and I have been able to achieve a Double action of 9 lbs and I can make the Single action 4 lbs. I usually work on the feed ramp and chamber of the barrel and remove the machine marks and polish it so it will feed better. I generally recut the crown of the barrel to improve the accuracy potential of the pistol.

The slide rail system is quite different and I would describe it as an inverted type rail system. I find it more difficult for me personally to rack the slide quickly as compared to some of the other semi autos on the market. Taking this pistol apart and knowing how to refine it is not a job for a beginner.

The hammer hook engagements are over engaged for safety. You can see this by holding your UNLOADED CZ - 75 sideways and while in the Single action mode slowly pull the trigger and you will see the hammer come back before it is released by the sear.

The trigger pin is hollow and flared on both ends. Its just not that easy to work on this pistol unless you have experience with this model. It has a double trigger bar that some people may refer to as a double draw bar and there are visible machine marks on many of the internal parts. You may have trouble taking apart the sear assembly which has two springs and it must come apart if you want to refine this handgun. Its more difficult to reassemble it.

This is totally different than many of the American made semi autos. There are many things I do not like about this pistol but I am the first to admit they work and they work very well. They make many models and the two models I work on the most are the CZ - 75 and the CZ - 85 , I do not take in the decocker model. It takes me about 7 hours to refine one of these models providing I do not run into any major problems. Just taking out the mainspring is another problem.

Caution: If you take too much metal off the sear or the hammer hooks or decide to create your own angles you have major problems facing you. Please do not get me wrong, if I was going to a social encounter and I had a properly refined CZ - 75 I would be totally confident in using this pistol for protection of life and property.

When I reassemble this pistol, I have made a slave pin to reinstall the trigger group. You must reflare the ends of the hollow roll pin so that it will not walk out during the firing cycle. I always have solid steel metric pins in case the existing cheap roll pin is deformed and I will not reuse it. I have been down that road before and its a rough ride, leading to misery city.

I do not like using roll pins in certain areas, and using a roll pin for the trigger group is one of those areas. I always recut the sear and hammer engagements but I already know how far I can go safely from hard learned experience.

To sum it all up, this is a good pistol for the money and people like it, but for me having to work on these models, I always proceed with caution. Buying and installing sights on this pistol is a problem because the original CZ pistol is not the same as the CZ clones made in Italy. The dovetail sight cuts are different and so I do not ever get involved trying to change sights anymore. I have been there and done that for the last time.

Remember all foreign guns are METRIC. If you have a CZ - 75 pistol and like it and it works fine, DO NOT TRY AND FIX IT. Use it and enjoy it and keep it clean as your life depends on it.

Please Note: You tell me the last time you read a true and honest evaluation in any gun publication written by anyone about this pistol. You tell me how they will tell you the truth even if they were smart enough to know the truth, I would like to read it. This is the world of reality and I do not have to answer to any paid advertisers or an editor with an agenda. In a world of compromise I will not. "IT IS WHAT IT IS" THERE IS NO BS HERE.

- Teddy Jacobson / Pistolsmith

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