Customer Service

Customer Service

For your convenience, we have multiple way for you to get customer service as outlined below:

  • e-mail. Click on the black button "e-mail" listed in the left column of black buttons on every page. It will automatically enter the appropriate subject in your e-mail program.
  • The request button, which you do not need an e-mail service: it uses the internet Yahoo! secure server to store your message
  • Fax, in the "Aboutus" white on black button on the left hand column.
  • Mail, via the Post Office in the Aboutus link.
  • Via 360-988-6583 (World-wide in the EST zone) or 1-800-350-1537 (US outside Washington State only)
  • Customer Service is for all questions regarding products what they do, resell, applications, suggestion and tips, orders phone, mail, and online.
  • For hours of operations and other specific policies, see "aboutus"

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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Checks and Postal Moey Orders made out to Shooter Solutions, 470 W 2nd St, Suite 101, Sumas WA 98295
360-988-6583 Ordering outside Washington State but in the US, 1-800-350-1537 toll free.
e-mail no internet connection: phone is better. me

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