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I have been using Moly Fusion for about a year, and fully endorse it and other products.

Thanks CD.
From the first thread only on Moly-Fusion™ Sid started entitledMoly fusion ?"
12-13-2003 after a couple of posts by Ken (XF2)
Chief says : I tested Moly Fusion in several of my barrels.

Can say nothingbut GREAT STUFF" about it.

A few minutes spentNow appling the treatment,
Will save you hours later. Plus better your shooting (groups),
and extend the life of your firearm.
I use it on my BEST shooting rifles too, they just shoot better and better.
17 Caliber
2-03-04 Chief Says : I can second that. The Moly Fusion treatment is worth double what they ask for it. Won't catch me without some at my loading/cleaning bench.


Anyone have any tips for tricking out a Kimber SVT?

Chief says : dbl pillar bedding , full float brl . and application of Moly Fusion is bout all that needed in the Kimber.


3-04-2003 (response to skepticism):

Chief says: Yes there are people out there who are set in
their waysI am one of them.
I am the #1 skeptic when it comes to new items geared at
just getting yer money"
Moly Fusion = is not one of these items.

I tested it for 6 months.

Then shot a 100 ydworld record" score with the 10-17
Volquartsen rifle. Had it not been for Moly Fusion, the one
hole (5 shot) group would not exist.
referring to the group he shot.

And Chief Dave: x-sniper (US Army) ranger - Special Forces - VietNam VET.
owner - Explosive Demolition Co., hobbies include shooting

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One Hole .059"
One Hole .059"

World record holder rifle rimfire gun
World record holder rifle rimfire gun

MolyFusion, more customer results

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