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Bore-scope picture of fouling

bore-fouling: 20 Moly-coated bullets
Is this the kind of fouling you would like to see in any of your bore via a borescope?

Bore scope picture of 20 rounds of 300 Winchester Magnum Moly-coated bullets in a precision, polished and cleaned Lilja manufactured barrel bore)

Why? Thia ia popular long distance round, but cleaning is no fun. Not even when shooting Moly-coated or any-coated bullets, when referenced to the lower part of the barrel in the picture.

The picture is the inside of the lighted bore and bore-scope of 1/4 inch back in the bore from the muzzle that fouls with Moly-coated bullets.

It shows how bad:
100% plus fouling and massive fouling build-up after only 20 "clean" rounds

The importance is in 2002 it was not published in Precision Shooting yet that fouling was worse with coated bullets, and even now it is not well known the lubrication is between the coating and the fouling with copper bonding to the steel. Notes on the picture:
1. One wet patch followed by one dry patch was put through the bore first to get rid of fouling that would affect the bore-scope. The same one wet patch (same benchrest-strength cleaner and patch type) was used in the after-Moly-Fusion testimonial.

2. To view a close-up version of it, click on the image itself.

Only if you have never seen one, the upper left corner is complete copper fouling on the portion of land (the raised portion of the rifling), but the copper color is not brought out (You see copper color in the original format). In the next diagnal section is a groove: the black is carbon fouled, with the light sections are pure copper visible. Then you get the next land, followed by the next groove. Lands and grooves spiral in a twisting motion inside the bore: the lands creating the bullet "twist".

For a lose-up and view of what this same bore looks like when it has been anti-fouling improved with MolyFusion after 50 rounds now, of the same precision Moly-coated bullets, view the hot link below.

The gun bore scope picture shown is copywrite Robin Manson of RM Pecision, CA from his studies of cause and effect of MolyFusion

For a better look at the picture shown, as view it in the 2002 issues of Predator Xtreme Magazine, the Hunt Club Magazine, and the Black Powder Magazine. R.M. Precision has the bore scope pictures and targets for 45 Caliber copper and lead rejection as well. R.M. Precision took time off from gunsmithing, gun making, and industrial work to research the MolyFusion, because with our help the results were dramatic.
- dated 3-15-02; update 07-24-07; reformatted 10-5-04

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