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Blue Wonder Competitive Review

Blue Wonder Gun Blue

It is a wonder that blue wonder's Gun Blue is such an expensive by the ounce paint.

Yet Blue Wonder works in layers the same as all other gun blue with one exception: they say it is a paint, and you top it off with something else - they sell a "fixing agent" so it "doesn't fall off."

For next to free, you can finish Shooter Solution's Gun Blue with water - and then clear-coat it with Rustoleum Clear (no color)Coat Spray or a lacquer like has been a professional finish.

As to cost, an entire Quart of Concentrated Gun Blue is like a one ounces of Blue Wonder.

For the cost savings, if you want to add a clear finish to it, you can. In any case, if one ounce of Concentrated blues much more metal much better (lacquer is an option) and is vastly less expensive - does that justify such an enormous price?

While not using gold and silver to try to make it stick better like Blue Wonder says, maybe getting Shooter Solution's for less and adding a lacquer would make more sense. I don't know, but getting a gallon for less than a dollar an ounce and having stellar service gives pause to think. Check out Shooter Solutions Gun Blue.

- opinion of techshooter.

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