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  • All ship with complete instructions, what not to do, in addition to at least one "tips" sheet or section as well! Exception to directions: the simplest of products, like any of the cleaners and "helper" products. Those simple have all cleaning how-to directions on the bottles how they work in the kit are included in the kit directions.
  • Kits evolving around a product are popular too, because there is a discount and make life easy through simplicity.

Special: The Amazing Moly-Fusion Kits:

Inventive solutions that make guns, shooting, manufacturing, motorcycles, tools and die, all better, with complete directions, tips and suggestions per field of use. Keep in mind we do not sell the above listed products or parts, just the chemical-created inventions for certain internal and external parts, (surface cleaning, preps, treatments, lubricants, and finishes).

New: Shooter Solutions DIY chemistry made it as a product sponsor some time ago on the DIY Network, which according to their owner Scripps Networks, Inc. December Press Release " which at the time it is quoted reaching about 35 million US households". The original individual show was entitled "Freeform Furniture" BAR STOOLS Episode DFFF-110. At the bottom of every descriptive page on the segment still aired today on one of the contributed products (the bluing rather than making steel tubular welding spatter-free product (already a paid sponsor for welding supply I guess? or something like that) is "

Gun Blue
Shooter Solutions

The thing with DIY, is, if the Chemistry is always better than it has to be, the project can be perfect the very first time I hope at least after practice.

Way back in the Fall of 2002, in Knight & Hale Magazine, Fall Edition Headlined: "The Hottest New Products for 2002" in the magazine's product section, then mentioned Moly-Fusion™ Kitsin the top two. It is so powerful it is not generally available nor will it ever be, and only for licensed use ever. It is no longer orderable by net, but will for use only. Use will be in .1 ounce eyedropper bottles, since it dispenses easiest.

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- 08-03-2009

<h3>Laq-EXTREME™</h3> Super coat
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Concentrated Rugged Gun blue 1 Quart
Regular price: $39.92
Sale price: $35.96, 2/$59.98, 4/$109.96
Heavy Duty Manganese Gallon-Size
$159.96, 2/$299.98
Concentrate Rugged Gun Blue - 1 gallon
Regular price: $119.92
Sale price: $110.00, 2/$210.00, 4/$399.88, 8/$748.96
4C Metal Prep
$5.99, 2/$9.99, 4/$14.99, 8/$24.99, 16/$39.99, 32/$69.99
Shooter Solutions' Best <BR>4 oz Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit
$24.98, 2/$39.47
Stainless Steel Gun Blue:<UL><LI>300 series</LI><LI>400 series</LI></UL>
Regular price: $26.98
Sale price: $23.62, 2/$46.82

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