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Shooter Solutions is a Company. Informational details on this page.

Welcome to this out Shooters Solutions (Shooter Solutions and dscover what and why our customers since many years ago via testimonial feedback, and now online reviews, rave about these product performances and our extreme care for all our customers which is significant.


  • Simple but Superior, Amazing - performing, updated, Industrial-duty, Professional-grade products is the #1 priority.
  • Introduction of new and updates to the old recommendations.
  • Superior customer service is even with #1, but #1 = core value of Shooter Solutions.
  • Run by CTO, which means performance in product is number one, to establish core value to build on.
  • We stand behind our products and services with integrity, and you with loyalty.
  • We help you as best we can, because we want you to achieve the finish and results you desire, not what we desire.
  • You are important to us.
  • Semper Fi. It has been a story of recent years of Shooter Solutions': Semper Fi to the customers.

In addition
Shooter Solutions was formed in 1996 as a privately owned company for the purpose of finding, delivering, and supporting novel products as stated on the home page: for shooters and the shooting industry. We were hosted for a time at shooters.com. While keeping in mind ShooterSolutions' beginnings, it has had to evolve into supplying chemical solutions to Manufacturing, Tool and Die, Industrial applications because of the quality of our solutions. We are a major resource.

We appreciate all who have done business with us over the last 10 years.

Note when it comes to the conversion coatings, note the FAQ's with regard to ordering. While the chemistry is what it is, actual results vary.

The Vision: to provide the best possible products as well as service to you and to everyone else who does business with us in the future.

Our goal with this online forum is to improve everywhere we can on a daily basis - now in earnest.

Please note we are still a small company, but wish to become large: but the good news is we are still in business, and now we have not only great products, but a bunch of great products that are more mature (years of testing). We are adding new ones, and plan to grow as the market place allows. We pride ourselves in still providing attention to the customer as the customer (you) is our partner in future success.

Shooter Solution's goal is to become a major force in this industry, leader in thought, original ideas, and technology, and to serve you better now and forever more.

A new page that describes the belief system for the Christmas season is linked - also on the left-hand column FAITH Exactly what corporations think is important.

Bottom line is Shooter Solutions is here to serve all like-minded customers, which is why the company takes the actions the company does.

Street Address for Shootersolutions (Snail Mail) is:
470 W 2nd St.
Sumas, WA 98295
# 101

Other contact information is on every page.
e.g. e-mail: just click on the "email" (bottom black rectangle) on the left-hand side of every page.
12-01-05, update 03-21-11.

For the current information on about us page, either click about us or click on the about us on the top or bottom of any page. or call 1-360-988-6583 for all things, 1-800-250-1537 In USA but outside of Washington State for phone order related.

Note: Orders with no issues are shipping out within 48 (business) hours of ordering.

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