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4C BARE METAL Prep Coating plus


4C BARE METAL Prep Coating Plus

4C Bare Metal Prep Coating does many things.
4C™ stands for Complete Conductive Conversion Coatings.
What is converts is 100% of even the microscopic rust and black oxide that can only be viewed by microscope into a converted, conductive coating, which is either clear, or containing a white powder that is easily brushed off.

It is shown to be a good preparation for welding, to increase the strength of welding and reducing splatter, a base for primers and epoxy coatings, a primer for e-coatings and immersion electrical-based coatings and plating, without the need to reduce oxide, tried out now for Parkerizing, Phosphating, Bluing, Hot-Bluing and Black-Oxide, bake-on coatings, possibly a prep for Shooter Solutions' MolyFusion-Black, and more.
the customer can try it in as small a bottle as 4 ounce with a finger pump-spray you can attach in place of the cap. The tiny 4-ounce bottle treats a minimum of 10 and maximium of 20 square feet of surface area per ounce!

Parkerizing: If there is sand, or dust residue, even hidden inside the metal, it will "froth" or dissolve it out, and if not brushed off/out of the metal, it will "cottage cheese" out of it in a Parkerizing Solution (Since the sand will be disolved). If there is enough volume of it in solution, it will need to be filtered out of the "Park" solution - hot or cold.

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4C Bare Metal Prep Quart
4C Bare Metal Prep Quart

Compare at: $79.79, while it is more expensive than Our Parkerizing, on sale for $44.98 Ea.
Quart Add to Cart Page

4C Metal Prep Gallon size
4C Metal Prep Gallon size

compare at $169.69 more expensive than our Heavy Duty to black Manganese Parkerizing
Get for the price of three quarts at $149.98 If you select Priority Mail for shipping, as long as all of the cart can go that way, the price including shipping is for smaller bottles to fit a flat rate box that equals a gallon. 4 gallon price is UPS only.
1 Gal Add to Cart Page 4 Gal no USPS Page($549.98)

Amazing 4C Bare Metal Prep Plus Conditioner Coating 4 Oz size
Amazing 4C Bare Metal Prep Plus Conditioner Coating 4 Oz, 8 oz, 16 oz size

(Sale) $16.98, $24.98, $34.98 (from $46.00)
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