General Use Acid Prep 8 oz for both Carbon Steel and 400 Series Stainless Steel

Item# ss_ss400prep-8oz

Product Description

8oz add 32 - 64 oz of water.

This can be used in some situations for rust removal on carbon steel and when diluted enough in some situations to prep carbon steel ahead of the rugged gun blue too. This is a super concentrate of no water, a solid 8 oz by weight, when fully dissolved into a mimimum of 32 oz and maximum of 2 Quarts by volume of distilled water for 400 series stainless steel it makes enough for a 32 oz minimum by volume preparation dip at 150 - 180 degrees F, when coupled after an overflowing water rinse with the correct concentration of the Rugged Gun Blue for Stainless Steel to make that volume.This ShooterSolutions' Stainless Steel Prep is for the 400 Series for Shooter Solutions' Stainless Steel Rugged Gun Blue, to make 32 oz. This requires the Stainless Steel Rugged Gun Blue, not the other version. When mixed with distilled water it will make up enough solutions to equal a total of 32 ounces in size. The 300 series Stainless Steel Gun Blue when used only for 400 series is concentrated, and when used with this makes 24-32 ounces.

Like the stinless steel rugged gun blue it can ship by ground UPS or Ground US Parcel Post.

It is sold by weight: 8 ounces dry weight in a labeled white plastic jar.

New item!

This comes with a sheet of instructions on how to use it for it's three different uses.


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