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Concentrated Rugged Gun blue, 8 oz.

New Size Concentrated Strong Gun blue, 8 oz.

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Product Description

Gun Blue 8 oz.

As-is or 1.5 water : 1 as dip

This is 2.5X concentrate of Shooter Solutions' Gun Blue in the manner of the other Shooter Solutions' products. Two of them is 1/2 a quart. p>It can be used full strength and not diluted both as a dip for small parts as well as reacted to the surface with a brush. Diluted as a dip the ratio can be as dilute as 1.5 distilled water to 1 part concentrate. p>In any case, it can be patted dry with a soft tissue, with very little black iron rub-off on normal steel and finished. p>Note the 24.98 kit has two 4 oz bottles and not 8 oz. For the machinist that does not want to begin with the most popular quart size for dipping, or for the most for the least shipping, convert 1 bottle to Priority mail choice, same with two bottles for just about all areas outside of local.



Shooter Solutions' Best <BR>4 oz Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit

Shooter Solutions' Best
4 oz Pro 5-item Rugged Gun Blue Kit

$24.98, 2/$39.47

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Super coat

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