20 Dollar (cheap) trigger job

20 dollar trigger job while you wait.
Teddy Jacobson stood in absolute horror as he watched "While you wait" trigger job, as master action man in the same manner as if they were guns that would be needed to actually work.
Here is what Teddy Jacobson says (2004), regarding an experience in the 1970's:

I can remember going to a small gun show back in the 1970's era and I passed a table that said "TRIGGER JOB WHILE YOU WAIT" . There was a line of people just waiting with their handguns while a man was sitting alone with a very small tool box working on one gun at a time. I stood off to the side while I watched this procedure, these guns being worked on were mostly revolvers. Each job took barely 20 minutes, sometimes the gun was left at the Trigger Job Table and the owner just left it and in about 15 to 20 minutes he came back to pick it up.

I stood there in absolute shock and asked myself what could this (gunsmith?) man possibly do in that short amount of time to refine a handgun. I kept watching as the line became longer with people waiting for their turn. All factory handguns were mass produced and buying one from most any factory you had a working mechanical device and the parts were quite rough internally. I saw this gun show gunsmith use a stone on a few parts for about 1 minute and he cut the coil springs and bent straight springs and then packed the action full of molybdenum disulphide grease. That was an instant trigger job. It was also insanity.

I asked myself is this what people want done to the very handgun that will be used for protection of life and property. I was horrified at the thought of having this done to any of the few handguns that I owned. I called many gunshops in later weeks after that show, asking them what they do in a trigger job and I got no where. They treated me like I wanted to know what was in THE SEVENTH SEAL. No one would discuss anything with me in detail of any kind. I will never forget how thrilled the people were at that gun show waiting for their trigger job of 15 to 20 minutes and paid about $20.00.

- Teddy Jacobson.

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