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.17 HM2 17 Mach2

.17 hm2 17HM2

This great new caliber rolled out in 2004, a design by Steve Hornady based on a .22lr stinger cartridge rolled down to the centerfire .17 caliber bullet, gained wide popularity due to its half-price and non-ricocheting at farm range of 100 yards and less.

It is controversial to the .17HMR since it is not as fast, bit for farm hunting, being half the price is great.

The problem of the fouling and heat generated with the repeated shooting neccessary for a morning shoot is eliminated by fixing the barrel with Moly-Fusion™ according to Skeeter27red and the general opinion at

Why .17 Mach 2 here at

In one word Moly-Fusion™ (Not to be confused with Moly-Disulphide.)

Well, the amount of powder that propels it down the barrel is small compared with the .17 hmr, and whatever the amount of powder propelling the .17 caliber through a tube, there is a ridiculous amount of drag per mass of the concentric center.

It is also a fun little round, functionality aside, with greater velocity than the traditional .22LR caliber bullet, and more accurate than the fun little stinger. Stinger, good idea. (Flatter curve, and cuts the wind better (otherwise known as ballistic coefficient.) How about making the barrel bullet-proof, like Chief Dave did in his flat shooting hmr to get the smallest 100 yard group possible with the hmr round?

Enter new Technologies designed aroung Moly-Fusion, and the new technologies. Solutions for more accurate shooting for the money. Faster speed on a hm2 or .17 Mach 2 bullet means greater range of knock down power as well as greater accuracy at cloaer in distances, like 50 - 100 yards.

Many people, we believe, when presented with the credible choice of an inexpensive bullet-proof barrel vs more expensive barrel-resistant bullets will choose the bullet-proof barrel. For this to happen, you need a conversion coating unheard of before the new Moly-Fusiontrade;: It has to be high-pressure sandpaper-proof, and flame resistant too. It is just what the engineer ordered. Stiction-proof is an endearing quality towards bullet-proof.

There will be products added to this page specifically related to this page including cross-item discounts which will include Moly-Fusion™ Kits for treatment.

Check out the new 10/22 to .17 Mach 2 Ultiminate accuracy conversion kit, designed to be the minimum, not including customized trgger and trigger group addition to get to the ultimate accuracy. A super barrel that is now shooting less than .100", yes LESS than .100" at 25 yards outdoors is the bulk of the cost, and that is in a taper barrel that will NOT get hot under slow fire shooting. (No bull barrel needed.)

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- 07-28-07

17 hm2



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